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Marriage/My son and a fetish (sorry if this sounds odd)


Recently when cleaning the house I discovered something shocking in my son's room - oestrogen from the local hospital (it had the logo of the hospital on). Our son's 19 and in college.
I confronted him when he came home from college and he admitted he'd got it off a friend who knows a doctor who works there, he said he'd done it so he could fulfil his fetish for having breasts - he said he liked wearing lingerie and bikinis. That explains why he had sports bras stuffed in the closet.
We're worried about him; he's nearly 20 and this behaviour seems unusual.
He told us he doesn't want a sex-change, it's just a breast fetish, he wants breasts like women so he can wear nice lingerie, and he's attracted to women. He admitted his Facebook was full of pictures of him in lacy lingerie and bikinis.
Isn't this different from most men's idea of a breast fetish?

We're worried about him; whilst it's not unusual for people to have fetishes, is this taking it too far, and as for how he got the drugs, where do we go from here?

I need some help on this and really, am not sure where to go with this.

Hi Johanna~

Are the drugs that he got legal?  I mean he could get into trouble for having them if they are not personally prescribed to him by a doctor.  I don't know what Netherlands laws are, but here in the US that would mean legal trouble if he were caught and possible jail time.  As for him taking them, anything that has hormones and is taken into the body via injections or whatever, will alter his body and maybe even his personality, to where he's more emotional, b/c hormones taken to grow breasts are hormones that cause physical and mental/chemical changes in the body, hence the ability to grow breast tissue in the male body.  And if he takes them and the change is noticeable he might have to take them for life, should he want to keep the breast tissue.  It's never good to change the human body so drastically w/o being under the proper care of a doctor.  Here in the US they are very strict about things like that.  For example if a man wants to live life as a woman (and not necessarily do the sex change to make it complete and legal here to change your sex gender), he has to first be sure he's committed to it, and dress as a woman and live life as a woman all the time.  Then under the care of a physician and psychologist they can start doing the hormone therapy, and the person will have to take injections for life b/c their body can not regulate the necessary hormone to stay a woman, for example.  It's a totally life altering situation.  I'm not saying you're son is going to go that far.  But for him to be taking this medicine or whatever it is he's putting in his body, he needs to do it the proper way.  Or there could be serious consequences or damage done to his body, etc.  

I don't know who you'd talk with about all this, but it can't be legal what he's doing.  Do some research and start with an anonymous call to your local police station to see if it's even legal for someone to take those hormone drugs the way that your son has been given them (if they aren't prescribed to him, is what I'm meaning here).  If they are not, then you need to talk to someone in the hospital about going after this doctor, b/c if he'll do this illegally what else is he doing and is he abusing his power as a doctor, that's what I'd be most concerned about.  I hope this helps you some.  The issues with your son can be dealt with as they come.  Try talking to your son about your concerns on this.  


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