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Marriage/Remarriage After Death of a Spouse


I am member of the Assembly of God Church in Berwick, Pa.  My wife passed away this year and from what I have been able to determine, does this free me to marry another.  The history is I was married to my wife for 38 years.  Before getting into the faith, I was divorced.  Me and my second wife were able to reconcile all with the first wife and with my second wife we both became Christians and were very strong in the faith.  Is it permissible for me to get married in the Assembly of God Church, since my first and second wives are deceased?  Is there any intended/unintended mention in the A/G doctrine which prevents me from marrying outside my denomination. I have met a wonderful woman.  She is 62 and I am 65.  She is Lutheran.  We have agreed that if she goes to my church that I go to hers as well.  I am convinced that the A/G church has much to offer.

Hi Wayne~

I don't see why not, you can legally marry whoever you want, once you're divorce or if a spouse is deceased.  The only church that I'm aware of that frowns on this is the Catholic church on divorce (my father was Catholic, but not a practicing one, as in going to church regularly, etc, he did do the rosary when praying though), and according to strict/devote and practicing Catholics you must obtain permission from the church before you "remarry" and officially become part of the church again. Other than that you should be fine with most other Christian churches to remarry the woman you are dating/engaged to. I hope this helps you.  If you're not sure inquire at both churches you go to.  


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