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Marriage/Parents denying my relationship


Hi, i am in love with a muslim guy and im a hindu.. we r in love since 3 years.. we wanna get married to each other only.. His parents have no issues with our relationship and they dont even want me to convert myself to a muslim.. but my parents r totally against it as they hate that religion.. and my parents have thretned me that they will commit suicide if i marry him.. noone in my family is supporting me.. they r not ready to even talk to his parents.. I am in a huge delima as to what to do because my parents are looking out for another guy for me.. they r not ready to even listen to what i want to tell them about him.. Please help !!! i cant loose any of them..

Do what you think is right an do not let your parents manipulate you. I recommend that you and the guy you love strengthen your faith as a foundation of values and beliefs that give hope, meaning, and direction for healthy choices. It would strengthen your relationship to become part of a community that supports your faith. This website may provide the help that you need and also  


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