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My husband and I attended our state fair yesterday and at one point last night made a comment to methat he would like to go back to our hotel room and have sex with me because he had been looking at all the scantly clothed women all day. I was very hurt and offended and maybe a little mad at this comment he made. Was I in the right to feel this way or did I just make a big deal out of nothing?

Hi Somer~

You were justified in being offended and upset by his comment.  Sometimes men do not stop and think about what they say before they say it.  So I can understand how this would have made you upset.  It also depends on how he meant to say it and for how it came out of his mouth.  Maybe he was saying it to you b/c he thought it would turn you on and make you want to have sex with him.  Or he could have meant it as a snide remark like what will happen if he make this smart ass remark to my wife, will it turn her on or make her mad?  You never can tell with men, they clearly don't think like women do.  Men are very visual thinkers, whereas woman tend to be more nurturing and want a man to be romantic/caring/loving when they say something to us of that nature.  Either way whatever his intentions were, you should always feel that you can talk to him and let him know how something made you feel.  And in this case, you can just tell him, I understand that you're sometimes attracted to other women out in public, but the way you said that to me really bothered me and it kind of ticked me off.  How would he feel if the situation were reversed and you said that about some hot guys you'd be watching at the fair.  I really doubt he'd be okay with that and then you alluding to the fact that you were interested in sex with him, right after you said it.  At any rate, you need to tell him how you feel, and hopefully he'd be willing to see where you're coming from on this subject or any other for that matter.  I hope this helps you some.


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