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I found out off two people this week that our 16-year-old daughter joined a cult.

Apparently, she's joined this group calling themselves "The Brotherhood Of The Sun" and has changed completely in behaviour; she's started to be very picky about what she eats, telling me that "I can't eat it, it's not in the list of foods they allow" and has also started to wear crop tops and hotpants a lot more than she used to (previously she liked smart dresses and blouses/skirts), and has started to over-eat as the cult prescribes. A family friend who had stopped in a layby to load up his car told me he'd seen her in a local field with 20-30 other people from this group; he didn't confront her so as not to make a scene.

Her college principal also phoned me to say that she'd been skipping lessons due to this cult, and trying to recruit fellow classmates into the cult, which shocks him.

It doesn't help that 3 girls and 1 boy in her college have joined Scientology; 1 boy quit college to go and live with Scientologists full-time, apparently he was "stress tested" by them.

Apparently this cult worships 30-40 gods, and the leader is never seen by members, but he shows up in a Mercedes S-Class with blacked-out windows at cult meetings.

Now my daughter is trying to recruit her 24-year-old sister and 19-year-old brother into the cult, but neither will do so, and she's getting annoyed with them.

She's even told us she has to go to this cult retreat meeting in Milton Keynes at the weekend (we live near Birmingham, and by train it's like 48 minutes away, by Google Maps), and that she will pay for the tickets herself.

Apparently this cult has, in our area, gained some local notoriety, for converting Christian, Jewish and Muslim girls into the "religion" and caused some uproar amongst parents. The cult is still obscure, compared to most religions, in fact they have no presence on social media, no Facebook, no Twitter, nothing.

I don't know how my daughter got into this cult, but I'm worried a lot about her, especially since I know little about cults, and my husband is worried a lot about her, with her behavioural changes etc.

If your child did this, how would you handle it?

Sorry to rush, I am on a shared computer here.

Hi Michelle~

Here in the US that's still a minor child.  So parents are responsible for them until they are 18.  I would be strictly supervising her and wouldn't let her out of my sight, if this were my child.  Scientology is most definitely a cult here in the US.  There are a lot of celebrities that have joined, and there are former members who have said they are horrible and have left them.  They are bad news.  It sounds like this cult that your daughter has joined isn't much better off.  It's cults like this that prey off of the weak minded and young, to grow their power and ranks in the world.  Crazy stuff if you ask me.  I really don't know what to really suggest to you, other than to try to keep her away from them.  Maybe take her to therapy and to debrief her from all this crazy crap they have put in her head.  If she continues to meet and be with them, they're going to end up ruining her life.  You may have to do a family intervention to save her from herself.  I can't even begin to imagine what you're going through.  I'm sorry I couldn't be more informative to you to help you out more.  I hope this helps you some though. Don't give up on her just yet though, and hand in there and hopefully if you can get her away from them, you can talk some sense into her.  


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