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Marriage/Worry over husband's behaviour at social event


Me and my husband went to a local food show; food's a passion we both share - cooking and eating it, responsibilities shared between both.

However, an incident at a local food fair made me worry about him; he began commenting about hot guys in front of me, even asking me "oh, seen that hot guy?" or "what would that dude look like in his undies?" and it made me worry he was gay. It wasn't asked in front of them directly, but it still made me uneasy.

He claimed he was trying to point out hot guys to me, but it seems a little bit out-of-sorts for him to do.

Most men wouldn't do this, would they, and why would he do it? he couldnt explain.

sorry to rush, pc expires in 20 mins!

Hi Becky~

Maybe he was just curious or wanted to see what you'd say or how you'd react to what he said. That doesn't make him gay.  Just about everyone is curious at some point or another of the same sex, and they don't act out on it, or they aren't gay at all.  As long as he's not making a huge deal out of it and he's not going on and on about it.  I think I'd dismiss the idea of him being gay (for now anyway), unless he gave you reason to believe otherwise.  Since this is bothering you, why don't you sit down and talk to him about it and delve a little further into why he said this.  Was he wanting your attention, was he saying it to get a reaction or rise out of you, was he genuinely curious about these other men, was he wanting your opinion on it, was he trying to see what you were thinking, the list goes on and on with questions as to why he did this.  When you talk to him don't confront or be shocked or angry with him.  Approach him in a calm and collective manner.  Tell him you'd like to talk more in depth with him about this and your not going to judge him for this.  You're just interested in what would make him make comments such as that.  Hopefully by talking to him you can figure out what he was thinking when he said what he did.  I hope this helps you some.  


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