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Marriage/Do wives like to cuddle their husbands .? and be affectionate ?


QUESTION: Hello sir.. please help me.. please answer this question.

This question is.. Do women like to be affectionate? When in love? Just like men do?

You know men like to kiss their women , hug them, talk to them , tell them I love you and I miss you and touch them gently , a spend alone time with them, Cuddle them and comfort them.., and like kiss on the forehead and cheeks..and stuff like that.

Men like to initiate all these things and they love all these things..

So 4 question based on this..

Q. Do women also like to initiate these things(start it)

Q. Do they like to do these above said things.

Q.will they do it if their man loves it.

Q. do you think women like to do it more than men do ? (talking about majority of women and men ) not a single particular case.. talking on general terms.

Assuming that she is in love and happy and the man also does all those things for her.

Please answer seriously.. I have zero experience with women.. So I really don't know.

Please answer all the questions.. thanks for help.

ANSWER: Do women like to be affectionate?

  ________In general (be aware that 'in general' means about 66, 2/3%) women are more affectionate than men, more so in words than in behavior;

  ________In general, women initiate the verbal expression of affection and men initiate the physical expression of affection;  men also tend to initiate the sexual expression of affection more than women;

  ________In general, women will express physical love not as much as men would like them to;
  ________In general, men can express physical expression in or out of love and women express it in love.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: But does words do any good?  I mean as a man..I want physical affection.. I wants hugs and kisses.. (Also on my face , cheeks and forehead ) and want cuddles.

I am not much into sex.. So I am not talking about sexual things..

But these physical affection(as mentioned above by me).. Women don't do that much?  

So do you think for me its better to avoided women over all ? As they don't like to give physical affection..and I only want that..

I also want verbal affection(love that too) .. But physical is also a must..

And of course..I would give her all kids of affection..but to know that she won't give back the same to becomes a rotten deal..

But why r women so selfish? Why only take and not give?

Don't that have feelings like us men?  Or a heart like us?  Our hearts are really soft and emotional.. Why r their heart so cold and emotionless?

We get back what we send out.

Your view of women is somewhat negative so you will tend to attract negative women.  Change your opinion of women and you will find a different type of woman to be with.  One who is more positive and wants to please you.

I'm sorry I cannot respond to any more follow-ups.

Best of luck to you.


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