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Marriage/Do wives like to cuddle their husbands ? and be affectionate ?


QUESTION: Hello sir.. please help me.. please answer this question.

This question is.. Do women like to be affectionate? When in love? Just like men do?

You know men like to kiss their women , hug them, talk to them , tell them I love you and I miss you and touch them gently , a spend alone time with them, Cuddle them and comfort them.., and like kiss on the forehead and cheeks..and stuff like that.

Men like to initiate all these things and they love all these things..

So 4 question based on this..

Q. Do women also like to initiate these things(start it)

Q. Do they like to do these above said things.

Q.will they do it if their man loves it.

Q. do you think women like to do it more than men do ? (talking about majority of women and men ) not a single particular case.. talking on general terms.

Assuming that she is in love and happy and the man also does all those things for her.

Please answer seriously.. I have zero experience with women.. So I really don't know.

Please answer all the questions.. thanks for help.

ANSWER: Hi Mauz-

Speaking from a woman's perspective, yes in general a woman like to be affectionate. Every woman is different though, some women are affectionate and others are not. The environment that the person was raised in will most often have an impact on if they are affectionate or not. For example if a woman (or even a man) was raised in an environment where there wasn't that much affection shown, given or received. He or she might not be very touchy-feely in other words not be very affectionate. Or they might not know how to show their affection or how they feel. This often comes with not always knowing or wanting to tell someone how or what they are feeling. Just like if they come from a family that is very loving and affectionate that's what they are used to so it comes natural to them.

To answer your questions in greater depth. I'll list them below in numbered order.

Q#1-Generally speaking yes most women would have no problem doing this. It also depends on her personality and if she's pretty good at expressing how she feels with thoughts and actions too. Some women might be a bit shy, while others are not.

Q#2-Most likely they do. Again it depends on the individual woman.

Q#3-Possibly so. There's a good chance she would, women tend to like making their men happy.

Q#4-Yes, women are nurturing by nature, so it almost always in a woman to want to take care if things and those people that they love most.

I hope this helps you some.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks a lot sir.

Yes it helped a lot.

Can I ask one more question?  

How do I identify these kind of women?  Who are caring and nurturing?

Are their some signs?  

Cause I am only interested in this kind of women.

Loving , caring and affectionate

Hi Mauz-

Each woman is different. You would have to take the time to get to know her to figure out if she's loving caring and affectionate. Generally speaking how a woman carries herself will give you an indication of her personality, watch how she interacts with others. Is she kind, warm and out going, if so then she's most likely to have the characteristics you're looking for in a woman.


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