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Good day
I am searching for a statistic on divorce rates for couples that marry due to an unplanned pregnancy. Heard the divorce rate is much higher for this group and wanted to find out what is the average divorce rate for couples that are forced to marry due to unplanned pregnancy.
Can you refer me to any authoritative studies and statistics that quantify an approximation range for divorces based on such circumstances.

Hi Sam-

Here is a link that I googled. I got pregnant before marriage, she was planned too. I married at the age of 20. I had 3 children with my now ex-husband. We probably never should have even married because we just weren't compatible together, period. I had 3 children with him and we divorced after 5 yrs of marriage. We talked marriage before I ever got pregnant with our first daughter. I got married when I was 4 months pregnant. I hope this helps you on your research.


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