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Hi, idk if u remember me. U recently provided me with very helpful advice.  My wife and I have had some intimacy issues and I think that nore sex would be helpful, however we are very different sexually.  For instance, I would love to experiment more, new positions, watching porn together, anal play, etc. However she seems very uninterested in anything remotely different,  and im starting to feel ashamed of these things. Um trying to refrain from masturbation as I want to have more sex/ intimacy.  But this is proving challanging. Any advice would be great

express to her how important this passion is to u and ur relationship.Most guys that struggle with this use a direct approach. They go ahead and ask "Baby, can I put it in your butt?" , and then get a strange are-you-insane look from her that makes them say "just kidding, forget about it..." Don't be that guy.use a much more subtle, indirect method of persuasion that makes the whole persuasion process go smoothly, so she doesn't even know what hit her! This way she is unaware of your persuasion.If you approach her correctly and learn how to persuade her in a more subtle, indirect way - you can make the whole anal sex thing seem as if it was her idea in the first place.
And that's not all, you can even make the whole thing very, very orgasmic to her - so that she doesn't just agree to anal, but so that she starts demanding, and even begging you to take her from behind!You just need the right tools, and then you can just slide it in smoothly ;)
You deserve better than just a regular missionary-style, boring sex life. You should have a woman that loves to please and satisfy you in every way you desire. You should have a woman that will offer up her tight, sexy ass to you any day of the week, give you oral sex and do all the kinky, naughty stuff you'd like her to do. And you could have all that.
No matter how negative your wife or girlfriend is to anal sex now, no matter how stubborn she is at the moment and how unlikely it seems that she'll ever agree to it - she can also be "converted" into an anal aficionado. With the right approach, any woman can go from "No!" to "Please fu-- my azz!!" Classy chicks” act like they're "too good" for anal sex and believe it's only for ’’sluts’’. This is a belief you must change, otherwise she’ll never want to try anal because she believes it’s something „dirty“ and under her level. Women with different beliefs and experiences need to be approached in a slightly different way so that they agree to anal, but every woman has the naughty side within her, she just didn't discover it, yet.
You have to be prepared for everything and behave in a way that relaxes her and helps her through the process, instead of making her feel nervous.
Most women are afraid of experiencing severe pain when trying anal. Or they already did in their past relationships. Your duty is to make sure this doesn't happen. Her first anal experience needs to be smooth and painless, otherwise she might not want to give it a second chance. The "forbidden" excites women, and it can make her mind influence her body to have the most powerful orgasm of her life!Yes. Women can actually have the most powerful orgasms of their life from anal sex alone. No, it's not just something you see on porn. Anal orgasms can change your sex life and bring it to heights you didn't know exist. She may not be aware of it now - but it's your job to enlighten her! She'll thank you later.
When you're have anal the first few times, certain positions are better (more comfortable, less painful, and less stressful) for both you and her. You need to follow some simple rules here so that you make sure the whole thing goes smoothly. Use logic. Don’t be sensless and don’t just try to push it into her agressively. You must take things slow. Later she can be ready and welcoming towards rougher anal sex.For most women (and guys), their first anal experience is a stressful one. It's new, you're afraid, and so many "what ifs" are going through your mind that you can't enjoy the experience. Anal sex should be fun and pleasurable, and the only way that's possible is if you know how to make your girlfriend as Zen as a Buddhist monk. Trying to penetrate her while she's overstressed and physically and psychologically unprepared can be dangerous! There are different levels of relaxation that your girlfriend can achieve, and she can only do it with your help and guidance.
It’s time to take your secret porn stash out of the closet and into your bedroom.
All it takes is a little persuasion and a few smooth moves to not only make her feel comfortable enough to try it, but to even make it a regular addition to your sex life.
The key is to make the viewing experience less about you and the girl onscreen, and all about you and your wife. Sound lame? It’s not at all, because once your wife realizes your focus is only on her, and not the naked porn star moaning in the background, she’ll feel so sexy that she’s bound to put on a performance that matches, or even beats, the one on screen;You can learn a lot from watching porn; it’s sort of like a how-to guide for pleasing each other/ watching a porno together is one of the best ways a couple can connect. "I definitely think watching porn together strengthens a relationship. Especially now that so many more movies target couples instead of the hardcore movies that tend to be degrading to women. A couple that can watch a porno together will strengthen their bond and trust."Play it safe. Get a porno that’s couple’s oriented. Stay away from titles like "Ass Destroyer 3" or anything that might make your wife uncomfortable. Read the box; look for one that’ll have love scenes and definitely pick something she’s comfortable with or she’ll be too shy to enjoy it.
Focus on her. When watching a porno, look at your girl. Tell her she’s beautiful and sexy. Make her feel good about herself. If you focus on her and make her feel beautiful, even with all those naked girls on screen, you’ll really make her feel special and help her get into it.
Start slowly. Remember in high school when all you did was make out? That still turns us on. Start out slowly by kissing her; touch her back and her hair—all those small things that makes a girl more horny.
Go for it. You’ve got your girl wound up and ready to get hot and heavy, so do something about it. Men: women aren’t all about love and romance; we’re kinky, too. She’s obviously ready to play so throw her around a bit. Pick her up and slam her against the wall. Take advantage of the kinky atmosphere and make it as intense as possible. Make it an experience she’ll never forget.
Make her feel like a porn star. Compliment her at the end. Tell her ‘you’re my own little porn star’ and that she performs better than the girls on the video. If you make her feel like she performed better than ever, and you delivered one of the hottest performances she’s ever had, sghe’s bound to pick up a porno herself and give it to you.the couple that watches porno together stays together. pick up some sex toys,vibrator,take shower together and massage one another down with lotions,etc,bubble bath.
Tell your woman how badly you want her and make that your motto for the next month. It's going to be a sexcellent 31 days...Stack a pillow or two under your backside the next time your girl is in the missionary position. tell her to get on top of doggie style.try strutting around in just your boxers or just be naked  when you're brushing your teeth, folding the towels, whatever. He won't be able to take his eyes off you.tell her to get naked and put high heels on.In the middle of the day, send your girl a naughty text to get her psyched to see you later. Try something saucy like, "Don't work out too hard'll need your energy in the bedroom later!" tell her 'let's play burger king and u have it your way!down to one-fourth of your normal speed. You and your girl will have time to really bond, and since you'll be feeling sensation over a longer period of time, both your orgasms will likely be out of this world. Getting it on in the shower is an intimate, sexy experience. If you feel body conscious, then light a couple of candles and flip off the switch. Or just jump into your girl's shower when you know she doesn't have her contacts in yet. Then get all sudsy and steam up the bathroom! Get so loud tonight that you make the dog bark. Seriously, just go for it. Wake the neighbors, act like you're trying out for the cheerleading squad, just let loose. You'll be surprised how turned on you and your woman get from the vocalization.
make love in different parts of the house.While eating dinner, caress your girl's leg as high as you can get away with. Knowing that you have booty on the brain will whet his appetite even more. hope this helps,if so please rate me,good luck and feel free to email anytime for any advice,God bless u;peace be unto u both,make every nite Valentine  


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