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Marriage/sexuall differences


Hello, idk if u remember me, u have previously provided me with very insightful advice, I, hope you are well,  I have been trying to improve my wife and my romantic life, and ive utilized allot of your advice,  which had been very helpful,  another small issue is that we have very different desires in bed, for instance, im interested in using different positions, I love sex from behind, id love to try things like anal play, toys, porn, more positions, etc. Nothing TOO crazy,  but she seems to only want missionary. And its great and I enjoy it very much, but I feel like some new things might be nice, at the same time,  I don't want to be demanding or freak her out.  im sorry to trouble u again, Any advice would be great, all the best

Hi Charles~

Try to sit down with her and tell her that you'd like to try something new once in a while.  And then explain to her what things, positions you'd be interested in doing with her. Ask her opinion on it and see what she'd be willing to explore with you.  Meeting somewhere in the middle whereas both of you won't feel that you're pressured to do something you're not comfortable with doing.  At least talk to her and see if she's willing to do a little something different.  She's not going to know if she'll like it until she tries.  Tell her you will only do something if she's okay with it.  I hope this helps you some.  


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