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Iím having issues with my husband sending me mix signals. Iíve been married to him for 3 years and together for a total of 10. Heís an amazing person but I have an issue with his tone of voice when I ask him thing. Heís a very plain person I guess, he likes everything plain and everything he answer is maybe. He hates giving straight answers so I have to ask him the same question in different ways several times to get a yes or a no.
My biggest problem is the tone he uses when I ask him thing.. for example recently I got tickets to a hockey game from my manager. I was super excited and when I call my husband to ask if he wants to go I got a grumpy unimpressed tone form him then him saying ďI donít like hockeyĒ. So sadly I gave the tickets back. I texted him later and told him that I gave them back, then I got a ďwe could have wentĒ. I told him that it felt like I was forcing him to go and I donít want to do that. He then told me he didnít care. But Iíve told him in the past that itís so hard to read him with his tone he uses. I need that because I never get a straight answer! He gets mad and tells me donít go by his tone of voice. What am I supposed to do? itís now getting to the point where we donít do anything cause I have no clue what to do. I donít know if he wants to go or doesnít cause he gets mad at me when I try to go around his answer to get a yes or a no.. Iím so confused..  

Please help

Mixed signals from a spouse can be confusing and frustrating,he is being arrogant and selfish and playing games with your mind to see how u react,it has become a pattern,routine,something else is going on inside his head with u 2 relationship.just be happy with yourself,start going and doing things without him and not let him have this kind of control over you and ur reactions.You need to do what makes you happy .
life is short and he is causing u to miss out,do and be without him. Ask him to go to a marriage counselor with you. Some people are just not in-tune with their surroundings including the people they love. You could also suggest counseling if he wants to save the relationship. If this does not work, you might think about a trial separation.
I am not in your situation and do not know all the details, but often times a little communication goes a long way. Your husband may be oblivious to how you are feeling. he sounds very insensitive you can do much better. But unless your sure you don't love him anymore you should try marriage counsel
only limits in ur life is the ones you allow and tolerate,sounds like he is trying to make your life miserable.the way he do u is totally disrespectful and misery loves company.he does not respect your emotions,he uses the tone to back u off of him,its called do it aall the time with tatums.You cannot change the man, but God can. Inform him that you are not comfortable with the way he treats you. You can also get him to go with you for therapy to get assisted.Life is too short to be miserable. If he isn't willing to budge and disregards your feelings it's time to go your separate ways. In a marriage no one ever contributes the same amount of everything.Dear God,

I know that Im not a perfect person but i can say that im doing the best i can to be a better wife to my husband. Give me strenght to forget the bad things he always said when he is mad at me. Help him god to trust me, to love me and to care for me.

God I didnt ask for material things in life but im asking for a beautiful relationship with my husband, a relation that is happy, contented, and with out burdens. God teach him to treat me right.thank you god .​prayer-for-my...  


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