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Marriage/sexuall differences


Hi, I'm not sure if you remember me, you have helped me previously.  I hope u are well. My question is as follows, my wife and I , who are noth on or early twenties and have been marreid a year, have had a pretty inactive sex life, particularly since we had our son six months ago. In order to facilitate a stronger sexual drive I have stopped masturbating, with some success, this gave rise to a new issue however, I have a pretty strong desire to try a few things in bed, ( giving and/ or recieving anal play) my wife is very afainst trying both, masturbation used to be my outlet for these, as I would fantasize ( although not actually do, of course) either.  However I find them to be very strong now, but I dont want to resort back to masturbation for rear of lessining my sexual desire for my wife. Is there anyway to completely overvone this " fetish" sorry to troule um all the besr

Before you even experiment, I suggest that you communicate with her. Find out how she feels about receiving and giving oral sex. If you're unsure about how to broach the subject, you can always incorporate it into the foreplay game.

During the first stages of foreplay, you can whisper all the naughty things that you want to do to her (oral sex) in her ear, and then include all the naughty things you want in return (oral sex). Be observant and use this game to gauge her excitement and interest level.if she has a negative feeling about it, consider further exploring the topic in order to find what's at the root of her phobia.  


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