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Marriage/My boyfriend's meeting my parents soon, need advice on this.


I'm 23. I told my parents about my new boyfriend who I've been dating for 6 months now. He's 27, I'm 23.
I'm Indian, my parents aren't religious despite what some stereotypes are of Indian people, we drink alcohol, we're not Muslim, my boyfriend's white, he's of English and American descent, his mum's a New Yorker, his dad's from Warrington, Cheshire.
However, they want to meet him next weekend but on two conditions - the first, they told me, is, they think he's boring [he isn't, he's got a personality but not one that people will hate], and the second, which is a bit odd, is he has to be in his undies when he meets them. I don't strip to my undies in the house, they accept that, but they insist all guests do, and it's caused friction, neighbors have stopped coming over.
My parents behavior has changed a fair bit over the years; they've gone from keeping up with the Joneses to being in the house in their underwear 24-7, boozing and cooking.
I don't live at home with them, I rent a small flat, am a young professional, so as much as I love them, I don't have to be around them in their underwear; what if I had guests back and was living at home, how would I explain that to them? If they want to be that way, the fine, but not in my house.
My main problem is why they think he's boring, and why they insist on him wearing only his undies in the house, I mean isn't that a weird way of meeting-the-parents ?
I told him about this on Thursday, and he felt wholly uncomfortable about being in his underpants around them. He said to me about that if they thought he was boring, then fine, it's their opinion, but neither of us can understand why they want to see him in just his underwear.
I'm wondering, how should we handle this? Get them to meet him at somewhere like a pub or restaurant, or at my flat. I'm running out of ideas on how to handle this situation... what do I do?

Hi Rani-

You just need to be blunt and up front with them.  That under no circumstances are you and your boyfriend going to y here house and much less him meeting them in his underwear. It's ssimply not an option and it's not up for discussion or debate as to the reason why, period.

If they would like to meet him then they can do so at a neutral location your home, a restaurant, pub or whatever they would like within reason. F they refuse to do so, well I guess that is their choice to make. What they do in the privacy of their own home is their business, but when they want or come t o expect ppl to meet in their underwear a line has been crossed and that's not only inappropriate it's unacceptable. You can politely decline their offer to meet at their home under those conditions.  


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