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Marriage/traditional vs Modern


Hi Samantha,

How are you ?

I am 35 yrs young man from India, planning to get married this year.
I am searching for profiles online.
I came across many profiles in which i came across one profile she is good looking and modern but where as i am traditional and very spiritual.
She wants to enjoy life by going to long drives, travels, adventures, parties, disco , movies and drinking.
I told her i am more of spiritual , traditional and doesnot like to party. Now she is avoiding me, she told we both are different hence we cannot mingle.
But i like her because she is beautiful and good nature, only problem is with her lifestyle which my family will not adjust.
I am confused help me.I want to pacify her but.....

Hi Sanju-

Perhaps it's not meant to be with her.  If she'll avoid you and not talk to you now due to these differences, then how is she going to handle real problems in life with you.This might be a good thing so that you don't waste your time, energy and effort on her now. Besides if you're family wouldn't accept her for her lifestyle that could present even more problems for you in the future as well. There is someone out there for you. It's just a matter of finding and meeting her one day.  Don't feel you have to settle for someone who's not up to your standards or if she doesn't have at least something in common with you. I hope this helps you some.


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