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The last 2 fridays ive had an incident with my husband where his lack of consideration has become apparent. The first time he went out with his friends, said he would be home early (10ish) but showed up at 12:45am. No call, text, nothing. He did text me at 12:30am saying he was on his way. This was after i texted him that he needed to be a little more considerate of the situation and let me know hes ok so i could go to sleep and not worry to death. Then the next friday he is going to get some food that is 5 mins away. He was gone for an hour. Didnt say he would be long or anything. So i texted him saying we were starving and how long would he be. I could tell he was aggravated that i was asking why he was taking so long. Finally walked in angry and wouldnt say where he was. I explained that this was 2x in one week where this has happened and considering it came after a guys night out...that yes,i become a little suspicious. If there is nothing to hide then why is he defensive? OR before leaving just say it might be a while because he has to stop at some places. I know he doesnt like being questioned but if its nothing, then just say so. Eventually i figured out where he was, ran 2 other errands and got the food (I could tell by the receipts he had). BIG DEAL!! So why was it so hard to tell me that?? Why do men get defensive when asked a question even when its nothing? He does that a lot, doesnt let me know he will be late. And typically i will find out he had a dr appointment or something...because he tells me when he walks why was that so hard for him??


The bigger issue here is the lack of communication that is happening between the two in many other areas. This is something that if not figured out could cause you problems in the long run. I would suggest seeking out a marital therapist to figure out the problem. If you don't he will continue to get angry and you will continue to mistrust.


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