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Marriage/Unofficial Name Change?



I got engaged recently. My fiancee said that he does not mind whether I change my last name or not, so that is not a factor.

I was considering keeping my name for medical, legal, etc. purposes, but using his for social situations and other unofficial uses. Is this a common practice? Is it worthwhile, or am I better off changing it legally? Thank you for your time.


Hi Ayla-

It's traditionally done that the woman takes the man's last name, so it will be the same last name if they have children, etc. It's a show of faith and dedication to the husband. Of course, not every woman does that for personal reason, such as, keeping her maiden last name for professional reasons, etc. It's really whatever the woman's comfortable with really. And a personal choice for each woman who gets married. For me it was always a clear choice, I chose to take my husband's name bc it felt right and I was proud to share his last name together as a couple. You could also do as you suggested, but it might get confusing to people by using two different names. Do whatever appeals the most to you. I hope this helps you some.


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