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Marriage/Husband doesn't kiss me


Love Kisses wrote at 2006-07-16 23:02:49
I am in the same situation and I disagree with the expert. I don't see why you should have to deny yourself what you want while he gets what he wants sexually and emotionally. If you want to be kissed and that is important to you (as it is to me) make it happen. Tell him it gets you in the mood when he kisses you romantically. Start small and build up. You shouldn't be unhappy just to make him happy.

pink-penguin wrote at 2006-07-24 17:50:18
MAN, I do disagree with the so called expert advise. Kissing is really couple bonding without having to have sex. It can be intense and public and give you a lot of satisfaction, it is always handy, can be done anytime, almost anywhere, it won't make you pregnant, but will help to build and keep the romantic bond and somebody can be kissed in many different parts of the body, either short or a long kiss can give instant satisfaction and joy, change a bad mood for a good one, give emotional relief, and so on, benefits are endless and THE NEED IS THERE men or women...on my experience there are more men out there that really enjoy kissing even if they are married.

Not Settling for Less wrote at 2007-01-01 22:38:46
Are you kidding?  The "so called expert" is basically telling women to settle for what they can get.  Wrong!  Talk about setting women's rights back 500 years.  

Here is some real advice.  Tell your husband that you want, deserve, and need affection, which includes kissing.  Buy him a book if you have too, show him how to do it, but do not settle!

steamykissesrule wrote at 2007-07-12 17:30:40
The expert is a sexually repressed person that should not try to give advice to anyone.  There is nothing better than a hot steamy kiss to make a woman feel wanted and desired.  No kisses or pecks on the cheek are a total turn off to a woman.  Hence the beginning of the lack of intimacy, you guys want your form of intimacy then give your woman hers, kiss her, breath hard in her ear, show the passion and desire and she will feel it too. Be a cold fish and get a cold fish.

Angel wrote at 2007-07-13 12:36:29
I agree with all the people who disagree with the so-called *expert*.  What a croc!  Kissing is intimacy and it is something that has come from our evolutionary process.  To get to a state of love and peace in this world we must evolve and kissing is one of the signs of course showing up in women FIRST because we evolve faster!  My advice to the expert is to check in with her own evolutionary process!

Take heart women, we have to demand things and stand firm in order to lead these creatures called men toward humanity.  End war, kiss!  BTW, my son who is 25 thinks this is nonsense.  He LOVES to kiss and says it is important.  So, the next generation is getting it!  HOORAY!!!!!!!!

Can Sympathise wrote at 2007-10-11 12:02:16
I have the same issues with my husband and I have been with him for 10 years.  It took me a while to realise that I was never going to get what I wanted.  I should have known this because he didn't kiss me much when we were courting.  Although we didn't court much when we first met as I just moved in with him after 6 months of internet chatting (long story).

But now I really desire it particularly when I feel we are drifting apart due to other life commitments.  I don't think I would ever leave my husband because I do love him so much but I don't think I will ever get what I want from him.  I am also afraid that I would feel uncomfortable kissing again.  I fantasies about kissing all the time and with different men.

veryaffectionate wrote at 2007-11-15 23:25:25
I also disagree with the SO called expert, what a joke, I have been married to a man who does not kiss, and like others I should have known this from the time we were courting, and I should have looked deep before I leaped, because I am very unhappy, he shows no affection at all, there is no foreplay in our sex life, and he is so cold. I do think this is very important to every man and woman, I am an affectionate person and I really don't want to leave my husband, but I am really considering the thought of packing up and leaving after 13 years of marriage, because this is straight out torture to me mentally and physically, that it would make one go out and cheat on their spouse, and I really don't want to do that, and it has been a long struggle to just stay.

Rosepetallips wrote at 2007-11-23 22:04:23
Mrs. RM French, are you really a man, a lazy man who doesn't like to kiss?  Because your 1930's answer really does ellude to my theory that you are. Sad. And you have an on-line column. Sadder. And you have expert by your "name".  Saddist, or perhaps, woman-hating sadist??  Get a real job, "girly".  Anyone who takes your "Expert advice" deserves the grief and despair that follows.  Sisters, don't listen to "her"!  (oh, and YES, "Ms. French", I DO think I could do better, but then, so could a semi-literate chimp, so don't get your frilly man-panties in a bunch...)

Vicki wrote at 2008-03-18 00:54:26
I do not agree with your statement at all.  Most women (including myself) need sensual kissing to arouse our bodies to feel sexual.  Without passionate kissing our bodies do not feel the sexual arousal needed to please both partners. I am dealing with the same situation and I find the lack of kissing has destroyed my marriage because I no longer have sexual feelings for my husband.

mly_andrews wrote at 2008-08-24 22:17:49
That was most interesting,... we all know men are from Mars and Women are from Venus!   I for one come from a planeyt called Earth! (no disrespect at all).

I have a problem because I can kiss others but my husband cannot kiss me (I mean by "others" as friends nothing else). When I spoke to my husband about the sensuallity of a kiss he gave it a go...and it worked..that night!   Kisses are not just a way of letting women know they are there but that they are sensual ppl too..not just functual as you said ( although that has got a lot to do with it I admit from a man's point of view) Just keep on trying and it may become a male habit!

does it matter wrote at 2008-09-07 09:44:24
SO, I must sit and ask myself?  What did I marry into?  Without the kissing what is there?  I dont believe men understand the courting since soon after the marriage they cant seem to remember the anniversary and they are only 35 yr old.

wounded_05 wrote at 2009-02-21 11:16:52
I am in the same situation...I am extremely depressed over it. I feel like all I am is an animated blow up doll. Good for it (IF) and when HE feels like it or not at all.

It has been over 2 and a half years since be bothered with foreplay and he refuses, despite my begging & pleading to acknowledge a physical, intimate need.

I so not feel special, wall paper more like it.

I am so very unhappy yet I should be over overjoyed...I was classed as terminally ill and results have come back to the contrary...yet now I realize somewhere started to not care what I needed, I distanced myself (not that there wasn't enormous emotional distance between us anyway) because I wasn't going to be here much longer - what does it matter?

Now I am faced with a longer life, I need something more. I fear he will never change, he hasn't yet. I fear that it will get to the point where I will leave regardless of the consequences because the agony, loneliness and constant rejection is for me torture and it feels so bad, it is worse than any abuse I have ever suffered in the past because it is from someone I deeply love.  

lynda wrote at 2009-03-29 06:20:07
sorry but that is a load of twaddle. I dont know where youve been getting your information from, but men do not stop kissing after they are married or in a long term relationship. I have never come across that quite frankly. I would say that some men are just not as giving as their partners would like. It seems to me that caring for someone means making the effort. God knows there are enough women out there making the effort for the men in their lives. I would say Ignore him. As simple as that. if youve talked to him about it and he isnt listening, well,  why should you give him what he wants if hes not going to return the favour? Bugger him. If he doesnt like it, he can bog off.

claire wrote at 2009-06-14 04:19:34
Well, the one comforting thing to me that has come from this discussion is that I now know I'm not alone. I once kissed a man so passionately and so long that our lips were raw and "buzzing" the next day. Now, I feel like I may have forgotten to kiss and am insecure because it has been so long. Not a day goes by that this doesn't torture me. Despite sharing this with my husband, he doesn't seem interested in correcting the problem.  Kissing is important, and I'm so disappointed in the expert's answer. Again, though, I'm somewhat comforted to know that others understand my anguish.

wife wrote at 2009-09-19 12:00:01
this article is sexist in my opinion. teh men are doing nothing wrong by denying their wives their need to feel close to their husbands other than during sex? HA HA HA. how about... just as men expect their wives to give in to them when they want sex, the men should take the time to bring their wives the emotional connection that they need, be it kissing or GOD FORBID; acting romantic once in a while!

boriquaone wrote at 2009-09-30 22:27:40
how wonderful, in other words forget about yourself,let your lips dry forever,live out of fantasies and memories, fooling ourselves sounds like the solution here, I don't think so,take care of yourself,have good hygiene,look good,love yourself,if you have desire to be kiss by your husband is perfectly normal,in fact that's all he wanted to do when he meet you, now he got  excuses,I can understand if you are eighty years old and not desirable,then is time to let go, otherwise don't let him destroy your self esteem you don't need him to put you down,keep loving yourself, when he realize that you can be happy and his actions don't put you down,he will notice..and most of all pray to the LORD and wait in HIM, HE knows your sorrows and your pain,HE is the great heeler....

Elsie M. Garcia wrote at 2009-12-03 12:46:56
Or your husband's inexperienced kissing may reflect his sexual history with hookers (who Pretty Woman taught us do NOT kiss!).  My ex also kissed like a slobbering five year old and was "too tired/too stressed" to make love on our wedding night.  Seventeen years of unsatisfied intimacy later I find out he is an active member of the Tiger Woods, Shane Warne, Mel Gibson and "Shark" Norman fraternity i.e. - too many slags, too little time + marriage to a nice woman maintains my Nice Guy disguise. Dump him!

another approach wrote at 2010-02-15 03:34:07
well there is the other side to it. You could kiss other single men.... since your not married to them. You have your husband who is maybe a great guy but clueless to what woman want and clearly does not want to listen to your feelings ....... Men who are not married will kiss you!! They will kiss you and make your toes curl. If all the husbands out there do not want to kiss us woman we could kiss the men who are single. marriage comes with a price tag for us woman. we either have a companion who does not get it or we stay single and kiss who ever is in front of us that day. depends on if you want a companion. my husband sucks at kissing also. before we got married i looked into the toes getting curled. that is great but i think the non kissing companion is better in the long run. if guys could just get it life would be grand

Love yourself wrote at 2010-02-26 00:57:13
Unbelievable.  The fact that this question and so called expert advice is still getting responses has to tell the expert something.  I crave kissing and being held with no other reason or alteria motive than to be close.  I expain it to hubby who gets it for a while then clicks back into old habits.  I state my need and ask if he is fulfilled and if he cant fufill me why shouldn't I look elsewhere.  Give him a wake up call.  I love myself enough not to settle.  

Blue wrote at 2010-03-18 08:02:35
What a horrible answer!  Basically you summed up that men are wired differently to woman...which is ok and acceptable...You have told this woman not to desire what is not really possible and that she should be content with what she has and is getting!  Instead of saying yes we are different...BUT your husband should meet you half way.  She likes kissing...he is not wired that way!  Tough he should give and take not just take...telling her to give up her desire because he is a male and that is not important to his is terrible advise!  Why not the other way around..and say to the man...she likes to kiss because that is how SHE is wired.... it so KISS her all day long!  Would that be practical advise...NO it would be just as horrible advice as it is telling this woman to live with out it!  Balance should be the advice you give...however this is very one sided and only suggests what to realistically expect from men. What the man wants, does and how he is wired to act.  

Actually in reality if for him sex is only functional and for the woman it is emotional...then both spouses should bend to that to meet each others needs.  He sparks off his functional need by meeting her emotional needs.  Wake up!

No I dont expect you to publish puts to much negative spin on your one sided answer! Sorry to tip your apple cart!



Hayley (ant) wrote at 2010-04-21 21:48:14
Dear Ms French,

What a synical view on relationships and passion in general.  There is absolutely no excuse for a man not to satisfy the needs of his wife/partner and only feel that his needs are important.

I would never settle for second best or push my feelings and thoughts to one side simply because a man is not wired in such a way.

Relationships become dull and boring and it is important to keep the fire alight.  Therefore I think that the lady who has writen to you should make her views known to her husband and not settle for second best.

Mrs Hayley Robbo

Elyse wrote at 2010-04-30 00:35:50
Wow, I wished I found this site earlier as I have also been suffering with the same questions for months! My fiancé n I r planning to get married next year  but instead of happily planning the wedding, I hav been extremely troubled by the question why my fiancé stopped kissing me after the first few days of courtship. I've confronted him with this many times, n each time he gives me a different reason, ie dental hygiene ( which I rule out as bull bcos I am about the cleanest person ever to the point of being OCD about it), then he says maybe he can't kiss very well, which is also untrue becoz he kissed me ever so well n passionately the first time we made out, n finally after another few months of torture with the situation not improving, I confronted him to ask him if it's bcoz mayb unconciously, he don't really love me, which is y he can't kiss me? He got pissed off at me for doubting his love. I'm at lost as to wut to do... I love him dearly n really want to marry him n live happily ever after but how can I? If this keeps bothering me? I've told myself b4 that mayb I shud try just accepting it as nothing is perfect in life but I find that I keep pondering on it n feeling unfulfilled by not getting the affection I feel every loving relationship Should have?! Now after Reading all the comments above n the experts answer I'm even more confused about what I should do. Maybe she's right? (the expert). I do love him so shud I not push this anymore? The answer I can't answer is can I live like this forever? I don't think so but he is the only guy I feel so much sexual chemistry with to the point I can do it with him every night, n I know I will never feel this way with anyone else, ever. N I love him ! Can I just give everything up just bcos of this?? I'm really really troubled n can't think about the wedding until I sort this out or I'll go mad :(  

Kiss-less wrote at 2010-05-28 15:38:34
WOW!!!!!!  AND WOW!!!! AGAIN.  I understand that men and women are wired differently and that we each have our needs and different levels of need but to say let it go to something that for many is a deal breaker.  If  kissing is that important to your wife why not bite the bullet and take one for the team.  How much does it cost you?  nothing.  How much time does it take from your day ? 5 minutes - a man doesn't have 5 minutes to be selfless.  Let's not forget the reward is a happy, fulfilled wife who will be more liking to do for you.  Here's the sad and pathetic part - how many men responded or even read our responses.  I often wonder why are we all lesbians and be done with it all. lol  

Athena wrote at 2010-09-07 03:44:05
I think that men are more emotional than people generally give them credit for. If you go to therapy and really start to emotionally connect with your husband and you feel that intimacy as an increase in your bond with him, then it would be interesting to find out if there is also an increase in quality of sex and kissing for you.

confused wrote at 2010-11-09 07:12:29
Hi Jill!

I am from the Philippines & unfortunately we have somehow a similar situation. I had a boyfriend for 10 yrs. & all he wants is just plainly penetration. He never kissed me even once. I consulted a lot of people & all of them has one opinion for this: he is a double blade guy, one who likes both man & woman but as they grow older the preference for man is a lot stronger. I dont know if they are right but im beginning to believe so.  

Ms NZ wrote at 2010-12-21 00:51:08
Oh thank god I'm not alone. I still don't know exactly what to do, but it's nice to know I'm not alone.

frustrated wrote at 2011-01-19 10:53:21
OMG... "confused", you have scared me to death.

My husband is exactly like this. He just gets on top of me and all he wants is penetration. NO kissing, NO foreplay, nothing.

Initially I used to give him oral sex.. but i stopped because he has never returned the favor.

We hardly ever have sex (if we can still call it that).

I am soooo frustrated that I cry to sleep most nights.

Now I am scared because of the proposition he might be interested in men...

Are you sure this could be the case?Lord.. what do I do now.. I really love this guy.

sweetgirl24 wrote at 2011-06-14 17:59:25
I am married with my husband for almost 2 years now, he only kiss me passionately during sex, we don't even have sex that much like we used to. I just don't believe when he said that his breath may not smell good, that's why he doesn't kiss me, but we use to kiss a lot in the past. I even told me how I wanted to be kissed that it makes me feel desired. I did everything to look good for him, and even aggressive during our intercourse. I am a fit, pretty Asian girl and gets a lot of complements from other guy, but I don't understand why I have to fish attention from my husband.

Mesmerizing_k wrote at 2011-06-19 00:49:20
Kissing gives an emotional connection and in turns stirs the sexual juices and embraces love.  If a women does not feel the emotional emotion it simply is sex and not "love making".  The hoops a man jump through to get sex in the initial stages of a relationship is fakeness.  This lack of affection makes "Pretty Woman" seem way too real and makes a woman feel like a prostitute and a high powered call girl should their partner lavish them with materials to get and reward for sex.  This is unjust.  The modern woman works as hard as the man does if not more, should they have a family.  My partner enjoys giving oral sex but never kisses more than a friend greeting a friend, this makes the relationship cold.  Reminds me of a cat with a tarter problem. I will never be married again or give my heart completely because of this.  Very sad and lonely, completly disheartening.

hb66 wrote at 2011-08-09 16:28:25
Wow. What a wet-blanket and sexist answer to an important question.

Modern culture has been unfair to men? Really? If you say (patronizingly, I might add) that women have unrealistic expectations created by the media, you have to acknowledge that men do as well. The typical porn video is a case in point. For every available image of a couple engaged in a deep and "romantic" kiss, there have to be thousands of images of men engaged in intercourse with women whose needs they care nothing about. So whose expectations are being skewed more?

The previous response should be forwarded back to the Victorian Era where it belongs.

The reality is that all men are not the same, nor are all women. Desiring passion all the days of one's life is not gender specific or too much to expect, and is certainly worth striving for. A loving relationship can stand up to discrepancies in passionate expression--you just have to talk kindly and openly about it with your significant other.  

Reading4Days wrote at 2011-10-11 05:47:44
What a LAME answer!  If a man truly loves, and is still attracted to their wife- then they SHOULD WANT to show her these feelings. I don't mean in a smothering way, but in a very natural, and loving way. After all, they certainly were ABLE to do it BEFORE marriage. If the woman is still the same person, overall, and has kept up with her health, and appearance, then she is basically the same woman that he was "crazy" for before.

I think that it is so sad that so many couples let the business, and mundaneness of life take over everything that used to be so enjoyable.

Women who are married- if they are kind, respectful, strong, independent, not naggy, who do a fair share of the work, and parenting, and have an overall positive attitude = a winner of a wife, and thus, MORE THAN DESERVE their partner to still feel PLEASED with who they have, and PASSION for them = pulling her close to softly kiss her!  OR just to gaze into her eyes, and say something Loving, appreciative, or encouraging! THIS IS PART OF WHAT LOVE IS-  and is how WOMEN were DESIGNED to be-  BIG HINT for any men reading this- and for all women to say to your husband: When a man is SINCERELY passionate, romantic, Lovingly INTIMATE, extra kind, thoughtful, and ALL actions, thoughts, and feelings DIRECTED towards their wife- they will get REALLY AMAZING SEX as a lasting result (If the act of Love, and romance is GENUINELY felt)!

LIFE is very precious, and once a day has passed, we cannot get it back. EVERY moment that we have with people, especially the people that we Love- should be special- like falling in Love is special-  and our thoughts, feelings, and behavior should be IMMERSED in those feelings all the time- they should be a part of WHO we are- the same with all the great feelings we have about the things we love, like nature, great memories, our children, our spiritual beliefs, family, etc.         WE make each day mean a lot, OR, it's nothing more than another fleeting day.  So, choose, This Day HOW to TRULY LOVE your wife, decide what you will do to make it TRUE, and AMAZING!         

P.S. All women- give this letter to your husband, but be sure that you take some time to consider- in what ways You can also make positive changes towards a deeper, more enjoyable Love relationship!

AHearingEar wrote at 2012-01-19 05:40:49
This do called expert is obviously not happily married in a sense where her needs are met!!!

I've been married for almost 10 years and intimacy has constantly been an issue...kissing included. We are also not the happiest married couple. Intimacy between a man and a woman is as vital as communication. Even when you are both up in years, that intimacy still needs to exist!

I will not settle for less than what I give... And no wife should.  It is neglect on the husbands part to not even try to fill an emotional need.  The Bible even says that a man should love his wife as is he going to neglect emotional or physical needs that he has.  I think not. Not that it's an excuse for divorce, but maybe counseling from a reputable marriage/ sex counselor is needed.

get it right wrote at 2012-02-06 06:14:13
This is complete BS.  All of the men I have been with kiss during sex and seem totally into it.  TRue men like to get off quickly, but you know what?  Women are always being told to do what a man needs and if you look at statistics, women are always the unhealthier ones in marriage.  If someone needs to be romantically kissed sometimes, make an effort.  To ask a woman to just give sex and get nothing in return is hurtful and no wonder why so many women hate sex.  I dated guys who would have an orgasm and leave me without one eventhough I knew I could have one, they didn't bother to wait.  So now, I make sex wait and prolong it until I am ready.  He gets impatient waiting sometimes, but in the end he gets his orgasm and so do I and I don't feel sexually frustrated and hostile anymore.  Women aren't tools, they are people and it isn't Hollywood that is ruining the romance between men and women it is the scores of Internet porn that have taught men in their gaming world, that women are tools to be used and games to catch.  Your article sucks.

bluesquid wrote at 2012-04-28 05:03:40
It kind of sounds F….d, you mean to tell her that her feelings and fantasies are not  what the husband likes  blah blah and so it’s not important? How about her she might need more closeness than  what she is getting . I say have a affair with someone more alive .

needingmore1216 wrote at 2012-06-08 01:21:00
I'm having a the same kind of problem. It's not just being kissed which I may jump on him and drag out before I near rape him around one time a month!!!! I can't seem to keep his attention at all! Nothing but a towel on, no reaction, as a matter of fact I can walk around the bedroom in my birthday suit and get NOTHING!! We have only been married 3 months, I guess he has never been a real affectionate person but it is really starting to affect me. I feel unattractive, or like maybe something else is just going on!

HealthyIntimacy wrote at 2013-01-16 18:03:05
Totally disgree with the so called expert.  Every man I have ever been with has not only actively solicated deep intimate kissing, they throughly enjoyed it.  They were not lying to get into my pant as French inmplies.  I checked this fact with my Ex whom I still have a close friendship with and he confirmed what we all already know.  Men enjoy kissing as much if not more then woman and it was the one thing I could do more then any other to make him go weak in the knees.  "Soul Kissing" is emotional and intimate.  If your mate does not want to kiss you it is because he has a serious problem with itimacy and could possibley have psychological issues that make it impossible to see you as a equal loving partner. Seek out REAL psychological help or leave him.

Jorge wrote at 2013-01-17 03:56:33
wow! that was a nice advice. I had the same situation and you just made me realize to just leave it like that. but mine was different he used to have an affair. that's why it really bothers me why he doesn't kiss me the way he does before he engage into infidelity. but then again we're still into fixing things. and I can't let it scare me over and over again. I have to move on and appreciate what effort he's putiing up now.

Jessica S wrote at 2013-04-18 07:16:10
This "expert" is no expert at all. You simply have to tune into the Discovery channels where they have multiple programs on the science of sex and kissing. Apparantly, when people kiss hormones are released that trigger feelings of intimacy and a desire for sexual intimacy or so those pesky scientists with all their research say. But who needs science and evidence when we have experts like this to tell us that what our emotions are screaming for can be done without as long as it makes our partner happy. Get some counseling, "expert", you need it.  

Ak wrote at 2013-08-29 23:54:44
I am really sad the so called expert said let it pass .... No way I don't feel we need to deny our feelings if I want my husband to kiss me passionately then he should if he expects me to also give into his "needs".

Nate Maclean wrote at 2014-09-07 00:07:48
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I have worked as a faith-based marriage counselor for the past 5 years. My duties included pre-marriage counseling as well as marriage crisis counseling. I currently hold a doctorate in psychology and have a private counseling practice.

Doctorate in Psychology as well as extensive post-graduate training in marriage counseling issues.

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