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HI, I'm currently 17 and I want to get into Martial arts. I came across a guy who is an actor and a real martial artist. HIs name is Michael Jai White. is a legitimate holder of seven black belts of varying degrees in seven different Martial Arts forms. Originally a student of the legendary Shigeru Oyama , ( at the time Shigeru Oyama was the world renowned head of the U.S. Kyokushin Karate Association)  he is now the head of World Oyama Karate. White went on to achieve black belt in six other karate styles; Shotokan, ITF Tae Kwon Do, WTF Tae Kwon Do, Kobudo, Goju Ryu and Tang Soo Do. He has also had years of Wu-Shu Kung Fu training under current American Wu-Shu team coach, Eric Chen. White has trained privately with the likes of Bill" Superfoot" Wallace, Benny " The Jet"   Urquidez, Shihan Bobby Lowe, Shokei Matsui, Jean Claude Van Damme,  James Lew, Don " the Dragon " Wilson, Peter Cunningham, Billy Blanks, Gene Label and Joe Lewis. White has also worked behind the scenes on stunt fighting sequences with Steven Segal.
Here is a video of him training back in 1999:

Now I wanted to be like he is. He weighs between 115-130 lbs. of pure muscle(depending on what film hes doing). And hes fast and quick. Now I wanted to know where i could go to start training and work my way onto what he accomplished in martial arts.

Any suggestions on where I could go and do to learn all these forms of martial arts?

If you wanted to match what he did, should search for the schools that teach the same or a combined systems which will help you to become more well rounded.  It is also good to research the schools as well and every so often travel to one of the masters listed above and take a private lesson. I hope this helps.

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