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i am 21yr old training in taekwomdo these days..
i want to ask u about dim mak.. does this technique really exists in which master pushes his opponent without even touching him or by using his chi energy??is it possible to do it and anyone has done it before??

Hi, Rishabh,
Yes, because the opponent knows before that he will be hurted if not moving back.

Let me put it this way:
I have shown my movies on Youtube how I punch through 16 sheet of paper.
I can only success moving human without touch by 20%.
That means I would fail 2 times out of 10.

Who would gamble my punches? If my opponent moves before I touch him,
I would say it is CHI.

I did this trick for many times. No one yet stay without moving back....
What other people did, is that the opponent knows he will never get hit.

Hope I have answer your question.

Peter Z

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