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hi mr eric.i am really happy that i find a person like you.please answer these questions at least every one that you can,thank my first question is that you think which martial arts is better for know i really like a lot of them and i wan,t to go jujitsu and jkd for first but do you think i with this details have enough good conditions for going or maybe it,s better to going in another martial art at least at first?
you know i am almost 23 years old with 6 feet and3-4inches,
with around 216 pounds(around 98 kg.)(you know i am a little fat,more in around of my stomach.)and my body is not full of muscles just my arms are almost good.
and my next questions and in fact comparisions.
you think who has a better chance in wining a challenge between andy hug and bren foster?(beside the fact that sadly andy is died.)same question for bruce lee and andy hug,bruce and a team of mma fighters that contain(fedor emellaneko,anderson silva,gina carano,ronda rousey and miesha tate.)i know all of them are great fighters but i think bruce lee is too great that if it was possible that they meet each other in their pic of their life bruce(of course not easily at all.)is able to win.andy hug and fedor emellaneko?and final one is for let li and donnie yen.thank you a lot and please answer carefully and quickly of course more carefully.thank you again.

Hi Muhammad, Thanks for your inquiries. I feel most comfortable answering your first question. I think it is important to pick a martial art (aka style)that fits your personality, body type, and temperament. It is also important to know why you want to study a martial art (self defense, fitness, competition, fun, cultural, etc)? The answer to this question will help you to narrow down a style. All styles have their strengths in weaknesses. For example, traditional Japanese (vs. Brazilian) Jiu Jitsu is good for street self defense. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is good for competition. It may not be as good on the street, especially against multiple opponents, due to its emphasis on the 1 on 1 ground game. JKD would give you foundation in multiple fighting ranges (kicking, punching, trapping, stand-up clinch, and grappling range, assuming you have a good instructor. All three styles are good for fitness. You are blessed with a stature that would deter a lot of people from thinking about messing with you. Assuming you still want to proceed, I suggest that you try each art for at least four months to assess the the fit mentioned in the third sentence. The instructor and training partners can make a huge difference (good & bad) in your development. I wish you the best in your training endeavors.

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