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Hello Michael,

Thank you for your time in reviewing my question.

I am a 46 year old male in good physical condition. I have always wanted to feel that much needed extra bit of self confidence that comes from knowing I could do well if the moment should ever arise that I may have to defend myself and /or someone I love.

I am a musician who plays nightclubs so on occasion things can get a bit weird there. That being said, I also grew up in a very rough part of Chicago and I have developed a very keen sense of detecting trouble and avoiding it for the most part. (I mention these things because i'd like to establish with you that (especially at my age) I'm not a goon who likes to look for trouble)
But an example of trouble finding me was when my wife and were recently doing a bit of "walkercising" together after a big rainfall. My wife and I were waiting to cross an intersection when two very thugged out looking guys drove up very close and completely splashed us. They promptly got out their car hoping that i would do something. I've had adrenal freeze problems in past when defending myself and all I could do is not look away, posture and attempt to appear not look scared but look as confident as possible. no words were exchanged they laughed and got back in their car. I fantasize often about being able to dismantle those jerks. lol.
Another unexpected situation was at a koroke party when out of no where (while I was singing) my over-served brother in law just attacked me. He charged me hands on my throat, I froze (as usual), smashed my head on a table and bled pretty good. We still don't know to this day why he did this.
Anyway, I've done exhaustive research via the internet, books, articles, visiting schools and talking with friends with military and/or fighting/martial arts experience.
My amateur boxer ex marine buddy swears that it would be very helpful to do some boxing/judo to help remedy my adrenal freeze. He says it might not help it 100% but it will definitely help.

Here is my issue (sorry for such a long winded question btw), I am a carpenter by trade and my body pretty much takes a solid beating everyday. And being the 40 something man that I am, I totally don't want to develop any new injuries or miss work. When i visited the 2 or 3 judo school I checked out, I noticed a lot of the guys my age or older had pretty bad limps, scrunched up toes etc.

As I said I've done lots of research and found three instructors that I feel are the best of all the schools I've visited. (I kind of wanted to find really good teachers that I felt would address some of my personal needs and issues as opposed to finding a "style" so to speak).

Given some of the personal information I've mentioned,
Can you please give me your overall perceptions of what you feel I will gain from these schools?
Pros/cons in your opinion?
Which, based on it's basic training methods, principals, techniques and concepts do feel would most benefit me?
Also, any further overall thoughts/advice is greatly appreciated.
modern arnis?
danzan ryu jujitsu?
wing chun?     

I eagerly look forward to your response.

I am sorry for the timing on this response. I had received an email about 2 years ago saying this sight was no longer and for my services I would have to re sign at there new sight. I did not do this. I received this email 2 weeks ago now. If you have not chosen already I will say any respectable school will allow you to try a few weeks or 1 free month. Do not settle on the first. It depends on what you are looking for all martial arts/boxing ect build confidence. I have studied Northwestern styles of Kung fu, Taekwondo,Karate, Jujitsu, and police/corrections training. I can say my favorite was kung fu however may not be for you. Most martial arts these days are sports based which still gives you many attributes however the reason Kung fu was among my favorite was because my si fu taught us real life situation not for ring mentality. There is a major difference. I would have to know what city you live in in order to do my homework however my advise would be try one for 30 days if you have that option for free then another. You will not truly know what any art contributes to you until 6 months. I realized just before my brown sash I in fact was in the best shape of my life but did not even cover a sliver of the art. If you want grappling then its ju jitsu, for legs and some upper body Tae Kwon Do and ect. As a correctional officer I took some ju jitsu because kicking or punching is not realistic in a jail setting. This would bring alot of liability and looks bad on camera. Let me know your location and where you are at with your deciding and hopefully you find something. There are also a lot of videos and books which if you are self diciplined you can save some money in paying $80+ a month with extra fees. What are your main focuses other than self defense and confidence. Grappling, stand up fighting, flexibility ect.


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