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Hello, my son attends a daily after school program at a local karate school. He occasionally has problems posing attention in class and is disciplined - usually a set number of calisthenic moves.
This week though, he's been put on the heavy bag and made to punch. He wore no gloves, tape, etc. Yesterday he split a knuckle and his hand is raw today.

Is this typical punishment for not paying attention in class - for a white belt, six year old kid?  Seems extreme & unsafe to me, as he is not very skilled.

Usually, punishment is not something a martial arts instructor should be doing. It's not a good motivator for children, and there are so many more fun ways to get kids paying attention and learning...

It's not for me to judge what's safe or extreme - I wasn't there - but no instructor should be having a child perform an exercise or practice without monitoring it to ensure they aren't doing it incorrectly or injuring themselves. Whether it's punishment or practice, there's no reason your child should have been allowed to punch the bag without proper instruction in safe technique.

As the parent, it's your job to keep an eye on things (which you seem to be doing) and bring up any concerns with the instructor. Let him know that you're not happy.  

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