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hello...I have a problem while training (Muay thai , filipinno and wing chun) that I am a pefectionist..I focus on details of technique (like my stance, my body shift,if if i put my body weight on the strike to make it more powerful , if i made it 100%,....etc) and i focus on that because i am afraid to play the techniques wrong which will result in a weak strike and that strike willnot effect my opponent ..but actually that prevent me from being a creative martial artist ,to make atechnique in my own way for example (not putting my weight in a strike due to my position in a fight ) another example( i will make a technique like {knee, elbow ,punch or even kick} all with ajoint only without putting mu body weight in it due to my position due in afight ) that fear right and i should focus on detials or that fear is illusion and i should be creative and do techniques in my own way? thank you


I understand your confusion and it is not misplaced.  From the details of your question it is clear that you understand that proper technique and power equate to proper form and function.  You have no doubt experienced powering down on a move which resulted in a weaker kick, punch, or strike.  My advice is to adhere to the techniques you are studying because proper footing and pivoting, for example, will result in a more powerful and accurate kick.  You can and should, however, create your own techniques and moves with the understanding that some principles are universal and apply to each martial art.  In short, practice your own creative moves and power up and power down on them.  You should keep track of the moves, kicks, and strikes that you incorporate as a creative martial artist and compare them to traditional punches, kicks, and strikes from traditional systems in order to determine which ones are the most effective.  Continue to stay creative.

- Yours in Martial Arts  

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