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if we dont put our torso or our body in a hit like we hit a knee or an elbow that the force comes only from our joint without putting our body or our torso and without shifting or changing our that hit will be effective and hurt my opponent in real fight?

Hi Mohammed, Thanks for your question.

Street altercations have a lot of variables, including the possibility of facing multiple opponents, armed opponents, or poor environmental conditions (ex. glass on the ground, lead pipes sticking out of the side of a building, darkness, etc.).

I agree that hitting an opponent with a joint, such as a knee or elbow by shifting or changing your stance could inflict great pain to an opponent.

These types of strikes can still be somewhat effective without using your whole body if you hit a soft or vulnerable target (ex. outside side of thigh) or borrow or recycle the opponent's energy (ex. He / she is coming towards you, you play a joint, limb, or body part in their way, and they run into or trip over it. Examples includes clotheslining an opponent's neck with a forearm or tripping an opponent's leg with your foot. You may have to adjust your stance, turn, or step to pull these off, which takes practice.

It is just as important to practice avoidance, awareness, & anger diffusion. The highest level of fighting is the art of not fighting (source: Bruce Lee). One way to do this is not being in a dangerous situation in the first place to decrease the probability of having to engage an opponent.

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