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I have a question.  I am a martial arts student and I try to pick up additional knowledge whenever and wherever I can.  I am working on my leg strength for stances, kicks, agility, etc.  What would be 2 or 3 of your favorite and or suggested exercises to develop leg power, strength, agility?  Thank you, in advance, for your help!


Just remember stretching is just as important. I went through a phase in my life were I worked on bulking this slowed me down substantially but I gained stenfht in return. I first would like to know what style of martial arts as they can vary in the styles and how your legs are used. I have not trained in years now and haven't had questions for quite some time. There are however several exercises I am familiar with. Balance is so important when it comes to kicks so I worked on stretchimg, balance, and strength equally. Knees are a good start. Get a partner and some pada and practice brining that pad to your knee while bringing your knee up hitting the pad at the same time. This gives strength and balance to your bigger upper leg muscles. Maybe start with 10 or 15 right then left. If you don't have a partner you can practice with the air. Then front kicks and side kicks. I also believe working on your core effects leg strength and balance. So you lay on your back with your palms down and spread out as if you just braced for a fall backwards. Do circles 10 or more first clockwise and rh n counter clockwise. Mule kicks are good too because it works a separate muscle group. My favorite was getting on all fours and practice kicking behind you first with your stong leg using your other leg and arms for support. Once you have completed kicks on that leg stretch your opposite arm and the leg you were kicking with using only your other leg and arm to hold you up. Then rotate and do the same with the opposite leg stretching them out at the end. While doing this keep your head looking down at the ground to avoid neck injury and to get maximum effect/work out. I will try to get some diagrams for you if I can do d them. I hope my description gives you some what of a visual. These are a few. I was taught to always work on mastering your strengths before you start to work on your weakness.again I could be more help if I know your style. For instance in judisu you may work more on strength vs tea kwon do you may work on balance accuracy and speed. I have trained in various arts and each have contributed to my knowledge. Let me know if you would like pictures or diagrams and I'll see what I can do after work.

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