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I have a question.  I am a martial arts student and I try to pick up additional knowledge whenever and wherever I can.  Currently, I am focusing on and working on leg strength to improve and benefit stances, kicks, etc.  What would be 2 or 3 of your favorite and/or suggested exercises and disciplines to develop leg power, strength, agility?  Thank you, in advance, for your assistance and consideration.


The best exercise for something that benefits stances, kicks, and stability are the following. You must have an equal balance of strength and flexibility in all of the leg muscles, which also includes the CORE muscles, and posterior muscles (your buttocks.)
Standing in a low stance for varying lengths of time (30 sec., 60 sec., 2 min., and longer) will always tax the muscles and make them stronger. Know this, though, your quadriceps are contracting when your hamstrings are stretching and vice-versa.
Extreme slow kicks that go through the full range of the kicks you like will help strengthen the kicking muscles.
In order to get more flexible, you must become stronger in the muscles you are trying to stretch.

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