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I believe Bruce Lee's Jeet Koon Do is based on what Shaolin Monks learn, but stripped down a bit? Ideally I'd love to learn either of those, but Aikido is much more accessible locally. How comparable are Aikido and what the monks learn? I think both are big on balance and using an opponents motion against them. What are the differences?

I hate to tell you but you've got it all wrong.
Jeet Kune Do is not at all a "stripped down a bit" version of
Shaolin Gung Fu. They are at the two ends of the spectrum.
Shaolin style is "classical" in that it features training
in animal styles and other esoteric methodology.
Jeet Kune Do has always focused on a non-classical approach
favouring function over form.
As for Aikido, it is a quintessential Japanese art. It has its
own method of movement which distinguishes it from other methods
especially the Shaolin style.
Now as Bruce Lee said (in paraphrase) "human beings pretty much
have two arms and two legs, so there can't be much difference
in how they move."
To a certain degree all types of martial arts are big on balance.
I mean, how effective will you be if you're off-balance when trying
to perform your technique?
And all martial arts to a degree use their opponents' motion against
If you punch at me and I block it, evade it or intercept it while
countering your punch, didn't I just use your motion "against" you?
Same thing if I kicked you or even if I parried your arm and put you
into some kind of armlock or even threw you.
Make use of the YouTube to compare differences in Shaolin Gung Fu and
Aikido... There's bound to be a wealth of information there for you.

Best of luck to you,

Dwight Woods

P.S. What part of New York are you in? Are you sure there's no JKD

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