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Hello! I am an 8th grader in school and I am doing a Genius Hour project, and I am gathering information, but i have a question. What moves were created to counteract the effect of guns to close combat fighting? Any information would be helpful. Thank you!

Sorry for the delayed response. I have had a busy week attending a friend's wedding and a lot of travel.

Most systems of martial arts have at least a handful of methods to remove the gun from its user's grip. Of course, the risk is very high and the person with the gun must be close enough to reach. If the gunman is outside the reach of empty hands, the danger involved in closing the distance increases the danger a lot .

I, and every martial arts instructor I know, advises, "Unless you're sure you're about to get shot, give the person whatever they want in the way of material possessions." Money, clothes, jewelry, cars, etc. can be replaced.

Hope this helps.


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I've been involved in martial arts since 1978. I started in Tae Kwon Do and, when my instructor quit teaching, I began training in Okinawan Goju-Ryu. In 1995 I was introduced to Filipino Kali/Arnis/Eskrima and Indonesian Pentjak Silat. I've been training primarily in them since 1995. I've taught private lessons, classes, seminars and workshops all over the United States, in Europe and in China. I have also trained with a wide variety of martial artists in different disciplines. Between hands-on exposure to various martial arts and reading about many others I have a very well-rounded knowledge of martial arts in general.



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