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hi eric.i am happy to find you and i hope you be successful in all of you're works.
i will try to make my questions short and clear until it can be possible.
please read my questions completely i write my important questions and sorry if it is a bit long but i will be thankful for you're patience.
just i want to explain shortly what i am looking for i hope this can to help you for better answers.
i like to know which kind of these martial arts that i am writing in end of my comment is better for using in all or most of conditions?(for example some martial arts needs a lot of space while you can't use many of it's techniques in places that you don't have enough space)or which one could be better for defense(please attention that not just in matches,but in real life or street fights too.)
please tell me which of these martial arts could be better in multiple attackers and in one to one battles?
and i like to know which of these martial arts alongside of it's more powers and abilities in different aspects is or are more safe.(not just for myself.even for my competitor or my rivals or even for my enemy.because it is important that you can protect from yourself and others not just damage to you're rival and even you're enemy if it is not necessary.)
sorry for it become almost long i am going to just say name of martial arts and my opinion.please tell me the name of any other martial arts or any other thing if you can be good or is useful.
aikido,karate(kyokoshin kai),takewando,kung fu(wing chun),jujitsu,judo,brazilian jiu-jitsu,ninjitsu,muay thai,JKD,capoeira,wushu,karv manga,hapkido,boxing,mma.
thanks a lot and sorry again if it become long and thank you because of you're attention and patience.

Hi Muhammad,

Thanks for your questions. It appears that there are four: 1 / Most effective for close quarters combbat, 2 / Long range combat, 3 / Multiple attackers and 4 / Gentle yet effective

RE: Scope of my response: I am most familiar with and will limit my comments to Kali, JKD, Wing Chun, and Krav Maga out of your list of martial arts.

IMHO, all of these styles have a long, medium, and short range games and stand alone (i.e. you do not need to study multiple arts). Successfully defending oneself is more about strategy, mental attitude, and luck. An example of being gentle yet effective is using pain compliance (think joint locks, arm bars, chokes, etc.) versus multiple strikes.

I believe that it is the martial artist and his / her ability to successfully execute fundamentals and manage fear / the adrenalin rush related to stress, not a particular style, that may increase the probability of survival.

Seek the simiariites and respect the differences between the martial arts on your list. Perfect practice of the fundamentals makes perfect.

I wish you the best in your martial arts endeavors.

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