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Martial Arts/How good was Bruce Lee as a real fighter?


tskarz wrote at 2006-10-16 15:35:56
Yes, Bruce Lee was a pioneer in the traditional martial arts. Yes, Bruce Lee was very strong for his size (about 140 pounds). Yes, Bruce Lee trained with some real fighters (Gene Labell and Ali were the only fighters of real merit. Labell alone has more REAL fights under his belt than Lee had in movies. And Lee was quoted as saying that Ali would KILL him in a fight). However, Lee's foundation was in a dead art, kung fu. A good fighter needs a solid foundation, based in full contact fighting against good fighters.  Wrestling, boxing, muay thai, judo, sambo, bjj all offer this. Kung Fu does not. If you need further explanation, go to a traditional martial art training session. Then go to a boxing gym or a university wrestling team. You will be shocked at the difference in quality of fighters and athletes.  Lastly, Bruce Lee, unlike great martial artists such as Kimura, Helio Gracie, Labell, Maeda, and many more actually fought the best fighters of different disciplines (wrestling, boxing, jiujitsu, etc). Bruce Lee's only real fights were a few fights on the street as a kid, a n amateur boxing match, and sparring sessions with other traditional martial artists (would couldnt fight worth a damn).  I have watched clips of Bruce Lee's sparring, and it is atrocious. The amazing power people speak of disappears when he has to punch a moving target in a real fight atmosphere. I love bruce lee, but we must be painfully honest. This was a movie star and a martial artist, but not a fighter.  I am glad he never challenged a real fighter from a true combat discipline because he would have been destroyed.

Razor wrote at 2007-11-26 05:46:12
Okay, let’s do that – let’s “be painfully honest” - You haven't a clue as to what you are talking about. Lee did not train with Ali. As for Lee’s foundation, he began with Wing Chun Kung-Fu; beat a 3-year reigning boxing champ after only 6 months in Wing Chun. Later, after a few years in America he began to see Wing Chun’s weaknesses and began a fanatical study of physics, kinesiology, anatomy, and such. By the time of his death just a few years later he’d amassed some 2,000 books on every form of combat known to man at that time, which he heavily marked up in his research. As he moved away from Wing Chun he began a diligent focus on fencing, and Western Boxing. He also picked up a great deal of grappling from Gene Labelle, Olympic Medallist, Hayward Nishioka, and Jujitsu expert, Wally Jay. The sparring clip depicts him at a certain time in all this demonstrating (with some of his students) something unique at that time in American martial arts; namely, how to spar with head and body armor on. Where you see kung fu in his Kickboxing is beyond me. As for his fighting ability, dozens of people from that era form all disciplines of martial arts – judo, jujitsu, boxing, all forms of martial arts; both competitors and teachers were in awe of the man’s ability. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Everything I have stated here is all over the internet for anyone to look up.

Brucyclone wrote at 2008-01-31 13:22:49
Further to the answer, Bruce didn't train with Mohammed Ali. He admired Ali and studied his fight footage. Bruce was too slight to match Ali in the boxing ring, but would have stood a chance in a street fight, although again, the odds would have been against him. Would he have out-boxed a Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard or Marvin Hagler. Bruce didn't compete in tournaments, so not being beaten, he could retain his crown as the 'King of Kung Fu'. Nevertheless, he was ahead of his time and transcended the limitations imposed by various styles. This can be seen at the start of 'Enter the Dragon' where he looks and fights like a Mixed Martial Arts competitor rather than a Shaolin monk. He was one of the fastest and most deceptive of martial artists - but I think he was well-aware that if he got into a clinch with the likes of 'Judo' Gene LeBell he would have been choked out. He was picked up and twirled round by LeBell on 'The Green Hornet' set, but LeBell also respected Bruce saying that for a scene, he'd throw ten strikes and he had to be slowed down for the camera to capture the action!

TC wrote at 2010-07-13 21:56:28
Dude how dare you! Talk about the Bruce Lee like that! And fyi boxers don't know how to kick, knee, elbow, or fight on the ground.... Bruce Lee would have easily broken any boxer he fought! Including Ali.... so watch your mouth!

NewJKDM wrote at 2010-07-28 16:56:34
People still look down on Bruce cause they don't know the truths about the king of martial artist; he once said: I can beat anyone in the world; forgot Ali,other martial artist stand no chance during his era or present; please he is the real deal that strike real power & quickness!!

RJB wrote at 2010-10-06 16:42:18
Bruce Lee studied and mastered many different arts/techniques and was a VERY different martial artist in 72-73 than he was in the 60's. What IS the consensus about Bruce from "real deal" fighters (Norris, Lewis, Wallace, Stone and Rhee)was that he was the fastest and possibly the strongest man, pound for that they had ever seen. Most Respectable Master Rhee  has CATEGORICALLY stated: "I would demonstrate a kick to Bruce and a week later he would be able to do it as well as myself!" High praise indeed from such a one. Does anyone REALLY believe that Ali could have beaten Bruce in the street? Tyson? I do know about Mitch  "Blood" Green's street fight with Mike because he told me personally: "Once you got passed his intimidation, he wasn't the animal I thought, no one is. In that ring, with rules, he was THE beast."  It's also pretty well documented of the many challenges Bruce received on various movie sets which proved that Bruce was very much a "fighter."

After 34 years of Jiu Jitsu training beginning with Sensei Siringano, I can honestly conclude, in my humble opinion, that there has never been a man of Bruce Lee's capiblilities in my or any other martial art or artist that I have witnessed. There have been a few who were very close, and again this is only my opinion. But...such a complete package of philosophy, power, speed, ability and passion comes along very rarely; once in a lifetime. It's a shame his life ended so soon, but his star burns so bright for us all to see and guide. His movies were a vehicle by which he could express his art and philosophy to the world. He WAS all that and more.


"Walk on."

 --Bruce Lee--

Earl Williams wrote at 2010-10-14 04:48:40
According to Chuck Norris he and Lee used to spar all the time. Richard Bustillo, a student of Dan Inosanto, said he personally saw a sparring session with Norris and Lee that left Chuck Norris red faced. Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee said he wouldnt spar Lee because he would knock you out.Though most people dont know it Bruce Lee even sparred Gene Lebell.Bob Wall said he used to take Lee and Chuck Norris to train with Lebell.At one point Lee sparred Lebell and was put in a firemans carry. Point being that Lee took up all challenges. He sparred anyone who wanted to spar.He sincerely wanted to learn and grow and dedicate himslef to being the best.And this is something Bob Wall has said.All you have to do is Google Bob Wall and Bruce Lee ,Bob Wall and Gene Lebell and read the article.

geo wrote at 2010-12-15 23:48:35
Every man, martial artist or not, who pushes himself and his abilities to the limit without thinking of loosing, is a fighter. Everyone who believes in something and devotes his life on it, is a winner. As far as i am concerned i believe not only that Bruce lee is a winner and a true fighter, but also that even if he lost a real fight he wins many in the hearts of those who take courage from his talent...And that, is a fact.

Real Deal wrote at 2010-12-18 22:30:14
Very true Brucelee never challenged any fighter ............. but no any fighter had challenged Bruce lee too ...because they know he got ability to beat them all down.  

farid ibrahim wrote at 2011-02-24 01:02:50
Let me start by saying every one entitle to there opinion.  Regardless if bruce lee was the best fighter of all time and this is debatable still we should give hime the credit for revloutionised the martial arts world. He was poioneer ahead of his time. He initiated the endless self exploration in being the best fighter you can be, through hard training self honesty and continious study and never limit as far as dwell on bruce lee he is dead so move on and keep learn what you can and remember should atime come when you need to defend yourself or loved one you better be ready. Becaouse bruce lee nor any one else gonna be there and final note bruce lee inspired so many people around the world and that by itself is the best accomplishment any fighter could have . Peace

Jak wrote at 2011-10-01 21:35:44
bruce lee was a fake “master”. He was an actor most of all and was good in making shows. But most people do not know that.True masters like Masutasu Oyama, sokon matsumura, Gishin Funakoshi, shoki Motobu, Mikiyo Yahara and many others are left behind the sceens because they were never showing off and they never acted in movies. When i think that people of okinawa used to defend themself barehanded against samurais with swords and used to train with bulls and we see this bruce lee with his feminime scream a true shame to martial arts really  

nick wrote at 2011-11-16 03:04:54
ok really man? first of all bruce was anything but fake. He is literally one of the best martial artists in the world we have ever known. You say he never got any challenges? Obviously your very, very ignorant. When he was teaching the martial arts he had learned, and tried to teach them in America, the best of the best martial artists of that time tried to stop him. They said only the Chinese should be taught this stuff and that if he didnt stop teaching they were going to beat the crap out of him with the man who, at the time, was known as the best martial artist in the world. Long story short, lee fought him and beat the living crap out of this amazing martial artist in three minutes, and threw the rest of them out cursing them the whole time. And that was before he started working out! Our martial artists today wouldnt stand a chance against him, cause he didntuse any kata, making him completely unpredictable, and wasnt slow, but super fast. Plus each one of his kicks were lightning fast and super powerful. If one of our martial artists today fought him, he would annihilate them.

C'mon now wrote at 2011-11-22 17:31:08
It's so foolish to go into antiquity and refer to someone that has even less documented authentic martial arts accumen than Bruce. I'm surprised no one bothered to compair him to someone shooting Qi fireballs out of his hands and naval. All I know is that I got to meet and train with Sifu Dan Inosanto (who, at 63 was RIDICULOUSLY fast and skilled and made my 30+ experienced instructor look like a "white belt"), and he had nothing but the most sincere praise for Bruce. As far as I'm aware... or any martial arts "geek", student, historian or master... NO ONE like Bruce ever existed before. NO ONE was as fluid, flexible, adaptable, and (p4p) strong and conditioned as him. He would not fight you to your strength because he was intelligent, just like an excellent MMA fighter of today. His philosophy made MANY things possible for him that were just not available to others of similar physical abilities...which in itself were FREAKISH.

Nima wrote at 2012-01-20 05:22:23
I don't think it really matters how many times you dispute this. There will be those who want to show they know something by putting him down and those who want to defend him for whatever reason. The truth is he achieved somehting in his life, what have you all achieved?  What? You typed your opinion on a lost page somewhere on Internet?  Hell of an achievement!  Get a life.

Crying Man wrote at 2012-02-01 07:11:16
I am a big fan of Bruce Lee. Truly. However, as to whether he is as good a fighter as is portrayed in his films is a matter of speculation. he never took part in any official martial arts or fighting competition against other capable martial artists. All that we know of his fighting prowess comes from anecdotes of his friends and students. As such, these are hardly strong evidence of his abilities.

It would also not be fair to compare him with modern MMA fighters or other current fighters. In sporting events, athletes are getting bigger and stronger and more skilled given the better modern training methods, better nutrition and sport science.

However, I would say that he is still an important figure in martial arts. His fighting methods, techniques and philosophy were considered radical in the 60s and 70s but are now well accepted. His films were instrumental in promoting kung fu and ultimately, martial arts, worldwide. Put it this way, a lot of people study martial arts because they were inspired by his movies or by him.  

frankiebob wrote at 2012-02-05 20:38:38
Sorry Bruce Lee was not a fighter in the same sense as Mohammed Ali. Ali fought all comers. He fought with his jaw broken for 10 rounds and won. He took some of the most severe punishment in the ring and regained the heavywieght title 3 times. He upset all odds by beating Foreman and he nearly fought to the death against against Frazer. He is simply the greatest fighter of any sport. MMA are yet to produce his kind and my own opinion is we won't see a fighter like him again. Lets not forget either the warior spirit that nearly put him in jail when he stood for his principles and lost everything, including the heavyweight crown. Please, Bruce Lee was a good entertainer but he just was not in the same league as this giant ALI.

Fire Dragon wrote at 2012-02-25 21:00:43
The art of fighting without fighting. A teacher expects his student to exceed him in a certain way. Fighting is an act because you have to play with your opponent. Many actors are born actors from wound.  We all don't require the same type of training. How many fights have been lost because of intimidation? A master is what? Can I master the art of losing? Since my sign is a Fire Dragon I will speak on my astrological brother Bruce Lee the Metal Dragon. You can do moves a million times in repetition wrong or just one time and know the style by blood. Tupac was a young rapper that died early and changed the world that inspired even his opposition to work harder even though today millions of rappers and musicians want to be him and though he only said a little he said enough and he Tupac only had one so called fight and that was with Biggie Smalls so one rap fight notes him as being the best rapper ever and even today people know if he was living they couldn't compete just like Bruce Lee made this point.

martin wrote at 2012-04-15 21:11:29
I think the interesting thing to go on in assessing Bruce Lee's actual fighting ability is not to watch the limited grainy cine film of his demonstrations, or his movies, or his home movie training sessions. Lets face it has anyone got access to film of Lee having an actual fight?! No not to my knowledge,and that is the frustrating crux of the problem. The one thing that influences my thinking though is that NOT ONE person that actually knew Bruce said he was no good. Think about it,his family,friends,students,fellow actors,writers,directors all were immensely impressed by his intelligence,speed,power,skill,fitness,strength etc and that says more to me than watching sparring sessions etc on poor quality film. That I'm afraid is going to be the closest we're going to get to assessing his ability.

There is no point in endless debating as to who would win if Ali fought Tyson. Would Lee be trashed in an MMA fight. We do not know for sure and never will know.

What I know for sure though is that Lee influenced more people on this planet with the martial arts than anyone else I know.That is something isn't it?  

borumir wrote at 2012-05-26 16:26:31
I think the people criticizing him for not fighting in martial arts competitions are forgetting one very important thing.  He was the first and at the time the only "MMA" fighter in an age where there were no "MMA" competitions.  To fight in a martial arts competition back then, you had to fight in whatever style the competition was for.  Since Bruce's style of fighting by his own admission "had no style" he could not compete even if he wanted to.  

John wrote at 2012-06-19 03:41:41
I think bruce never fought in competitions because he had a goal in mind back then

to show the world the art through his movies. So he was trying to build an image

of himself for that goal through movies. Like a hero. Why would someone who has such a goal

would do anything silly to break that image and destroy the dream he has for the world.

Bruce was good, but of course it was possible form someone else to come and beat him

in a competition. He didn't want to risk the image he had built. He had a different goal.

If his goeal was to beat every man in every competition I am sure he would succeed to some extend but

at some point eventually he would lose. But this would be a much smaller goal in life than

what he already achieved.

underadarkmoon wrote at 2012-07-25 06:58:22
@tskarz you are way off with your comments, i dont even care what you think of bruce, but at least know what youre talking about when you post a diatribe like that. and as for him never having any real fights except a few as a kid...bruce was constantly challenged to fights everywhere he went until his death by people wanting to prove something or wanting to see just how 'bad' bruce really was, and by all accounts he always kicked their asses. there are stories you can fine online told by people who knew him, like when someone trespassed on his property and climed a wall to beat on his door to challengge him to a fight, and bruce said he kicked the guy harder than hes ever kicked anyone in his life

truthteller wrote at 2012-08-01 23:40:54
It frustrates me to read comments about bruce lee clearly trying to wind people up and be controversial.

Lebel talks posthumously trash after Lees death, after being the operative word as he couldnt do it when Lee was alive, for good reason. Bruce lee would hunt you down and tear you apart. People have to realize what big egos martial artists like lebell have. Bruce lee was outspoken when he was alive and upset many people with his words but no one could do anything as no one could beat him one on one. Lebel is one of these quiet, subserviant people when Lee was alive, who seems to have found his voice after Bruce dies, what a coincidence!

Bruce lee would have tore Lebell apart, and Lebell knows it. Bruce lee beat Lebells good friends Norris and Wall in sparring sessions which clearly has upset Lebel, so he talks crap after bruce dies.

Its as simple as that. Find me any smart alec remarks or comments when Lee was alive from Lebel, and then i will eat my words.

bruce lee sucks it wrote at 2012-08-09 05:09:54
effing bruce lee is fake as pamela andersons breasts ali or tyson would hav knocked this mutha out bruce lee has no chance in hell if hes so great why isnt he alive today

Dewan wrote at 2012-08-09 12:25:04
It is better to ask to Muhmed Ali, great boxer Who will win in a real fight between Bruce Lee and Md ali, Boxer ?

oceansilence wrote at 2012-08-29 10:09:10
some stuff to help you re-consider your words


inosanto, basically he went under lee's wing



ShittyBill wrote at 2012-09-18 11:14:10
It seems funny to me that there are so often comments from the "Bruce Lee RULEZ" camp to the effect that he didn't compete and that somehow proves that he was enlightened and a superior fighter for it.  How is a person's non-participation evidence of success?

Look, I understand that not everybody who learns something wants to prove they're the best.  I get that.  But I really couldn't possibly care any less about what Bruce Lee wanted. We never met and it doesn't matter.  What does matter for the sake of this question is what he actually DID or DID NOT DO.

So, correct me if I am wrong, but Bruce Lee never even attempted to defeat a champion of any discipline, right?  Realize that this is not a judgement. It is only a lack of evidence to support the claim that he would excel in a competition.

There are good reasons why martial arts competitions are still held:  IT IS IRRELEVANT WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT TWO FIGHTERS BEFORE THEY MEET ON EVEN TERMS.  You need to hold the match to actually know.

So, as long as folks around me insist on spreading their bromantic love affair with an actor who they've never met, I will continue to state the obvious:  Mickey Mouse would have kicked Bruce Lee's butt.

sal caradonna wrote at 2012-09-21 18:21:44
Let's start out by saying that Bruce Lee was an actor first.  He had a way of expressing himself in front of people that few had,  that was his talent.  He was a good martial artist that trained in my mind too much, but that is why Bruce was a good amateur, not a top level pro .  Bruce was not a high level fighter, but was a good martial artist.  He was creative in his approach with his training.  I think Bruce could have defeated most of the local dojo experts of his time, but he would have a very hard time against pro boxers, kick boxers, Olympic wrestlers, judo fighters and some military combative specialist.  Without the movies or TV, Bruce would not be so famous.  

You have to understand, Bruce overtrained and destroyed his body to the point of self medicating himself with painkillers and steroids.  This eventually took his life.  The body cannot sustain this insane treatment, it eventually will shut down.  He should have trained with a professional fight camp for 3 months then resting for one month, then training again.  Just because you train like he did does not mean it is correct.  The body needs to repair after 1.5 hours of training, then training again later in the day is fine.  But this is only for a couple of months like I said before, the body needs a month off of very little activity to rebuild.  Bruce was making things up as he went along.  Some was good most of it was bad for his health.  He was his own lab experiment.

Kung Fu Panda wrote at 2012-10-08 21:23:43
So much MIS-information here on this site, it's ridiculous.

Lee set out to be a martial arts master, among other goals, such as feeding and providing a comfortable life for a wife and children he loved. That called for a more sophisticated strategy than your typical MMA steroid junkie of today.

And because he WAS smarter, he chose NOT to go the "pro-figher" route...Or maybe it's just because he knew he only had 32 years on this planet to put enough ducks in a row that would provide for his family decades after his death...into perpetuity.

He was smart enough to know one simple premise that seems to evade most posters here. Once he had reached a certain pinnacle on his path, he could no longer win in any "professional" fight. WTF am I talking about? This:

If he got in a ring with a boxer like Tyson or Ali, and fought them HIS style, he'd kill them (or would have certainly had the potential to do serious, permanent injury). If he fought them THEIR style, and lost, it would reflect poorly on his intent to build a legend around his own style. Prior to reaching this point, he DID take on 'masters' of other styles, as the 'kung-fu culture' of the time demanded such 'challenges' to prove "who's kung-fu was best" (kung-fu in the generic sense). So he'd already "been there, done that", and knew what the future held, if he had chosen to stay that course, which, luckily for us and the world, he did not.

Many here seem to think that just because he studied Ali's footwork in connection with his punching, that Lee thereby considered himSELF a 'master boxer', and that's simply not the case. He felt (according to his own writings) that Ali's hand speed, and target accuracy, was a good match for his own, so wished to incorporate SOME of Ali's own technique into his OVERALL style he was creating. THAT was/is Lee's genius, and his goal. To extract the BEST from ALL styles, absorb them into a unified approach, and polish them to a high sheen with his own natural abilities.

His goals were so much loftier than being "the best fighter" for a coupla years, until either retiring undefeated (like Norris), or a better fighter came along to take it from you.

He achieved those goals, and gloriously. Anyone want to continue to maintain that Ali was/is still "The Greatest" BOXER in the world, I doubt Lee would argue that fact. Or that Chuck Norris was the greatest Professional Karate Champion of all time, again, I doubt you'd get an argument from Lee. But if you ask Norris, Ali, or any other TRUE "champion" of any sport, who they think would come out on top of a free-style, no-holds-barred "face-off" between Lee and any man alive then or now, and Lee comes out on top every time. (The key word there being "true" champions, and not some self-promoting turd trying to get free press by bragging how they could have, would have, or should have, kicked Lee's butt)

That's why he's the legend, 40 years after his death, and they're just "championship fighters".

Those of you here that get this, my explanation wasn't even necessary. Those of you here that don't, NO explanation will ever be sufficient.  

chiro626 wrote at 2012-10-19 11:36:24
Bruce Lee was a Legend of his time and still is to this very day. Unlike most masters during his time,he was extremely inteligent. Now can u imagine how much of martial artist he would have been if he was still alive to this very time?! He would have been the best,honestly take it this way,the development in technology back then was way different than it is now. His inteligance,speed,technical ability and power would be off the charts. Coz for him to have lived such a short life and made such a great amount of impact in people's lives,one would wonder. What if he was alive till this very day?!He is just awesome. But everyone knows that not everyone will like u. So thats why we have critics that hate him. And for those that ask "if he's so great why isn't he alive?" have some wisdom and note that great people dont live long! Their legacy lives on. Thats why u're still talking about him today," Legacy"! Show some respect!!!! Walk on  

chiro626 wrote at 2012-10-19 11:37:27
Bruce Lee was a Legend of his time and still is to this very day. Unlike most masters during his time,he was extremely inteligent. Now can u imagine how much of martial artist he would have been if he was still alive to this very time?! He would have been the best,honestly take it this way,the development in technology back then was way different than it is now. His inteligance,speed,technical ability and power would be off the charts. Coz for him to have lived such a short life and made such a great amount of impact in people's lives,one would wonder. What if he was alive till this very day?!He is just awesome. But everyone knows that not everyone will like u. So thats why we have critics that hate him. And for those that ask "if he's so great why isn't he alive?" have some wisdom and note that great people dont live long! Their legacy lives on. Thats why u're still talking about him today," Legacy"! Show some respect!!!! Walk on  

Ryron Gracie wrote at 2012-11-10 05:23:26
Bruce Lee sucked ballz if he was so great why didn't he challenge Helio Gracie to a street fight he was just a stuck up movie star who thought he was the best Helio Gracie would have kicked his jazz  

Bjjbrown wrote at 2012-11-15 08:50:51
Wake up!!!!! Bruce lee was not a god or had special powers, dont believe everything you see in movies, it is choreography just like wrestling, van-damme, norris,seagal fights are fake.  To be the best you have to fight the best.  Honor real fighters like fedor, couture, gracie.  

FakeFighter wrote at 2012-12-26 22:22:49
Bruce Lee was a good ballet dancer

And we are all good internet warriors

No-one wrote at 2013-02-02 00:22:18
I think the year was 1998 when I discovered Bruce Lee and find it very interesting to learn more about this guy. Before that I only remember watching The way of the dragon in the mid 80's and I was a Chuck Norris fan and totally outraged while watching my icon to be beaten up by this little Chinese dude. I guess it was (1998) when I saw Curse of the dragon, documentary about Bruce Lee and got totally blinded about it, this guy had to be the greatest martial artist of all times, no doubt about it. Since then a lot has changed but still the chances are that it is so. Depending on what we mean about it.

I think it's absolutely crap and useless to debate about challenges, I mean like why Bruce didn't challenge this or that guy. Because there's always this obstacle to overcome, what about the rules? You can't in this society openly challenge anyone without rules unless you're willing to pay the legal consequences. And it's also pretty ridiculous, let's say example Gracie vs Boztepe "open challenge" which was nothing but sad. And if we are talking about challenge with rules then there's no sense in it and it wouldn't prove anything. For example if we put Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris in the ring to fight with MMA rules (let's say the year would be 1970), it is fair to say that Chuck would win. Why? Just because he is bigger, not because of his fighting skills. And the same let's put Brock Lesnar instead of Chuck, how about that? Bruce wouldn't stand a chance. We all have seen how much these guys in the octagon can take the beating without being knocked out, what chance Bruce would have there, no matter how fast he would have been?

But then again, let's do the same in the street with no rules and now the tables are turned. Bruce would have more room to move and the opponent would be in serious trouble with no chance (because of Bruce's "rabbit-speed") to crab him and take him down.  And there would be no rules protecting the opponent's family jewels, eyes or throat and what about if the opponent would lose his balance and fall down? There would be no rules to protect him about getting severely hurt by kicks in the face or wherever.

Bruce Lee was definitely a fighter no matter what, maybe not the best, but still not merely a entertainer, since all he did was about how it would work on street (can you say the same about Van Damme or Seagal?).

Lastly, there were times I was ready to give up on Bruce, because I felt that Bruce's family etc. was cheating us about everything, trying to show Bruce in the light he actually wasn't (sorry about my bad English). But then there was and has always been this one man, Dan Inosanto, a formidable street-wise martial artist and fighter himself, at his own right, small guy but definitely a one man "killing machine" if necessary, who have all these years spoken highly about Bruce Lee with no boasting or anything to gain from it, and that makes you think, probably there's something about all of this.

Walk on

Surely everyone of us is worth of our coffins, and who needs a key to it?

Duh. wrote at 2013-02-16 04:15:51
Obviously Bruce Lee wasn't capable of taking on countless hoards of opponents like he does in the movies. But if you look at the number of disciplines he mastered and his level of conditioning, I guarantee you he would have been at least been competitive in his weight class in MMA, although participating in that might have conflicted with his philosophical views.

The guy was literally obsessed with fighting and spent his entire life conditioning, learning martial arts, and generally practicing or thinking about fighting. I think he was probably pretty good in a fight. It's common sense really.  

asheesh wrote at 2013-03-05 09:55:46
SHAME SHAME...Fighting on a Great Master...who actually dedicated his life to martial arts..and gave form to its meaning around the globe!

Bruce meant..there is no word called competition..and if there is one...Its with Self... He never participated in those competiions as if he would have one..He knew, he could simply kill the opponent.. At one moment he became even Governments of some nation...(WONT NAME) for the reason he was made slept forever under a conspiracy by those.. as he would have RULED else... AND  even decades, Still he RULED...if not tangibly...In Hearts Intangible........

Jamiel wrote at 2013-03-08 02:01:47
Everyone said they could have beaten him after he died lol

clearcombat wrote at 2013-03-14 19:44:22
As a martial artist and self defense instructor with 30 years of study, here is what i think.  Bruce Lee was a great self defense instructor/trainer and martial arts historian.  He could take on most karate and kung fu experts in his time, but he was not an elite fighter like Benny the Jet, Paul Vizzio, Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler and Duran.  Notice I stayed around Lee's weight within 20 pounds.  These men are fearless, and most have had plenty of street fights. For some reason TV and the Movie world makes everyone seem better than they are, pro fighters excluded.  I'll give Bruce Lee this, I have never seen someone on the screen who electrified me like him.  When I saw Enter The Dragon I was hooked.  I am still training on my own today at 55, most of my friends are 50 pounds overweight, not me, because of Bruce Lee and the martial arts.

Kay wrote at 2013-05-22 19:43:27
I lean toward Bruce was a one off! and there will be noone else like him! And yeah he was great fighter!

I found this quite interesting comment also below to read!

Ebo wrote at 2013-12-31 18:25:33

vincent wrote at 2014-11-01 22:58:57
Lee was a real fighter who did not fight in the ring or in tournaments. Many of Lee's students said that Lee's speed and power could have easily put him in the top 10 of his weight class had he turned pro. However, there is no reason to believe he had achieved a high level in grappling. Bruce learned some holds from Gene LeBell, and he took college course in wrestling and judo. Beyond that, Lee was basically a beginner in grappling and could not compete with the MMA fighters of today for that reason.

stuart (Glasgow ) wrote at 2015-03-30 00:34:39
This guy recalls in an interview what Bruce did to many proud champions when sparring and mixing it with them:

QUESTION: Why some champions did not liked Bruce Lee?

ANSWER: (M.Uyahara 1988)

Bruce was not the easiest guy to get along with. He was a proud and intense martial artist and whenever he confronted another competitor he would unintentionally "test" him. Bruce wasn't rude or unfriendly. He was so proud of his skill that he just wanted to prove to everyone his superiority (in fighting). Whenever he impressed another - he would become so excited and obsessed that he'd forget his own strength. In the process, he deflated many a proud champion's ego and may even have physically hurt the few who preferred to suppress their pain.

alexan wrote at 2015-10-22 03:43:36
first of all personally one thing no one can't questioned the man revolutionary the way of martial art to be real effective in real life before him and after him no one else did so .Always we will find people in fabor and opposites and will compare with big champion as Ali , Foreman , Sugar Ray Robinson ,Sugar Ray Leonard , Thomas Hearn and one of the best of the best for me even I'm not of his time the greatest Joe Louis, I know some people will say Roky Marciano knot out him but be honest Joe Louis was around his 38 years old and Marciano much younger, even thought Marciano never loose a fight .

Bruce may be didn't fight a competition but his filosofy and tryining change martial arts and really makes things differently and effective to be in real life fight , where there are no rules and that its reality. Bruce Lee like or not will live for ever in millions of people who saw on him what was trying to achieve and I do believe he did so....

Mike wrote at 2016-01-29 07:00:06
Bruce is a fraud.    He lost to life.  

If for nothing else, because Bruce is not even his name. As you may know, he could have easily gone by his real name of Lee. His last name of Jun-fan is not even hard to day.... its like he needed to be a fake.

How many of you out there use fake names? if you do, you are a fraud too.

But after a bit more about his name, there's more to this creep...

Its his *stardom* name that his advisor told him use, as it would sell more movie tickets, and strike up more interest in something (MA) that had already existed for longer than anyone here has been alive.

He was just some guy, and now he's dead. He was no hero, heroes don't get paid and showered with accolades awards and honours. Heroes get the job done. The job he did was to advertise martial arts through his crappy movies and silly useless live stunt promos .... (I remember seing him in a show, and how the people (the masses of idiots) marveling about how he could kick a mattress... BIG DEAL    or how he could beat up two thugs -obviously dancers by the way they did their phony yet entertaining fake falls- with a wooden knife and a rubber gun)

He was a Hollywood chump and now he's a dead. He wasted his life away doing things people told him to do... this is not the making of a legend... not even the mark of being a man.

What kind of loser dies at 32? A loser whose brain is so weak it cant take the pressures of the Hollywood casting couch and the MA gym at the same time.

How many of you out there plan to die with a notable pot in your stomach, and sedatives in your brain that you are supposedly allergic to?

How many of you out there in the "bruce" fan club plan to have your stomach pumped on numerous occasion to get all the hashish out?

Well, that's how he went. Down in flames in his youth. What a Putz. A spoiled, silver spoon brat.

My mom is not f-ing loaded.   My dad is not an opera singer.   I did not grow up in the riches area around.  I did not go to Hollywood on a prepaid trip..... and you know why?  

Because I am a regular, honest, hardworking human being like (hopefully) most of you out there.

This clown was a Beverly hills weirdo... whatever pedestal you people have been roped into putting him on, get over it and pay attention to yourselves and your family.  

Hopefully more people will realise his loser status so that we can forget about him FAST.

At least his stand in / stuntman and his co actors (Jackie Chan and Chuck Norris to name a couple... more money grubbing Hollywood phonies) stayed alive, made many actually successful movies, and tried hard and makes us entertained through real action and laughter.

And FYI, Jackie chan, exactly like bruce lee, is a spoiled rotten child actor -with an opera singer father- who grew up rich. These guys had their tickets written for them. They are PHONIES.

Bruce left a baby and child behind and a wife as well.

And to continue this pitiful legacy, the mentioned child (Brandon Bruce LEE , I don't know why he was named lee, that's his dads first name... Brandon somehow was assigned his dads phony Hollywood last name ) ended up growing up to be a fake two bit Hollywood bozo like his dad, and he even got shot to DEATH by a botched phony bullet (even the phony bullet was a fraud).  All this after he married the secretary of his boss (not a real boss though... like his father bruce, Brandon never had a real job.... Hollywood calls bosses "directors").

Bruce could not even stand living his spoiled life so he undermined his own health with wealth and sedatives. What a loser.

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