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My husband and I will be visiting Baltimore in September.  I know we will see the house where Edgar Allan Poe lived as well as where he's buried.  I'd also like to visit some of the sites that were in the TV show Homicide, but don't really know where they might be.  Did you watch the show and know of any sites?
Also, could you give me an idea of a good area to stay in either in or near to Baltimore?  We'll only stay there one night as we're also visiting VA.

I never really got into Homicide, but a lot of their filming sites were all around downtown Baltimore. Probably one good site to visit would be Fells Point and Little Italy, not just cause of them being filming locations but also because you will be able to find things to do while there as well.

It you are mostly going to be downtown I would stay there. In the Inner Harbor there is a great selection of places to stay and the area isn't horrible for being downtown. Because you can take Pratt Street to Howard St,  and connect to I-95 in a flash for an easy route to VA.


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Lived in Maryland from birth until I was 18 and I am always back visiting.

None needed I hope.

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