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Hi dana my husband and i are moving to md in the spring we found a beautiful 4 yr old homein impecable shape all around 1 1/2 acres 3car gar4bdr kt liv din eik lg deck of kt all anyone could great price,couple selling is early 30'shaving first baby in sept,we ask why do you want to sell this beautiful home with a child coming ,wich is why were waiting to the spring or we would have bought the home already.its to much with the baby,moving,the y decided spring is best.thats fine,my quesgen afer all this babbeling is are there any reasons why they would want to leave only to move7 min away to build another home so they there flooding issues in (Mardella springs Maryland)septic problems, building issues in that area,new roads ,rising taxes,alegators,just kidding,what is it that a good amount of newer home are up for sale .Is the job market bad,Ide like to know whats up before we invest our savings in our retirement home only to find it wasnt a good move,we are not rich so our savings is all we have.If you gather some info on mardella springs and salisbury maryland the good the bad and what ever else you can find,this would mean alot .because the buyers wont tell us if there are issues nor will the realestate agent,  thanks so much  Linda   in N J

Mardella Springs is a nice area, its like an in between place, its in between a bigger town like Salisbury and a city like Baltimore. They could be moving for convenience or because they will be wanting more children and want a bigger home.

This is actually something that occurs often in Maryland. It is has great suburban areas to raise children in. They may be making the move for just the new house, maybe they will want more kids, or maybe this is something they have been planning for a long time. You never know.

If you have seen the house, and you know its in impeccable shape, there is probably nothing to worry about. Besides if the area was horrible the old owners would move farther then about 7 minutes away. Alligators don't mind the commute, just kidding! Alligators are for Floridians to worry about. The Eastern Shore of Maryland is beautiful. You will enjoy it.


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None needed I hope.

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