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Dear Mr Marquis,

In 2001, Mass Studies, a South Korean Architecture firm designed Pixel House, and I was looking to use your expertise in deducing the brick laying technique to produce a curved wall with the bricks offset at a slight angle in each course throughout the progression of the curve.

The images give a better explanation.

Any help you could give me on the brick laying techniques, or the drawn detail of the building would be greatly appreciated.


Tom Gorringe

Kent University

Hi Tom,
I have done some pixelated work on walls but never to this extent.The front of the house is just a regular running bond pattern. The sides are a running bond pattern with the front of each brick sticking out an exact number of degrees. Keep in mind there is an interior wall that this is all tied to. From what I can tell on the top and curved areas bricks are utilized as "soldiers" which are bricks that are standing up on end.
This is a job that would have to be done from a set of blueprints. Each area would have an enlarged section on the print showing exactly how to obtain the desired look. If the blueprints are available to the public we would both know instantly how to lay these brick to obtain the finished product look.
I do most of my work without the aid of blueprints but in this case I would not even attempt it freestyle.
Barry Marquis

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