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Hi Joan, Most of the suggestions for removing excess smeared mortar from flagstone outside patios involve muriatic acid. Some suggest an acid replacement which I am not familar. In any case my concern is what happens to the mortar in the joints [about 1/2"] when using any of these strong cleaners? I obviously don't want the joints eaten away. What would you suggest to remove the mortar smeared on the edge of the joints? Thanks, Jack

Thank you for your question Jack.

There is no danger using an acid based product to remove excess mortar, as long as the manufacturer's directions in using the product are respected.

For your information, there is a product that is not acid based that I do recommend for cleaning excess mortar. It is made by the PROSOCO Company, a product called SafEtch. Here is the link I found for you:

Most brick and stone distributors/landscape products distributors do sell Prosoco products, or you may contact directly Prosoco to find a dealer near you.

Hope this helps!

Have a good day!

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