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Who should I select to repair my old bulging cement block
retaining wall, a concrete contractor or a masonry contractor?

Thank you for your question James.

A masonry contractor is the best pick to do the job.

They have the expertise, the tools and access to the appropriate products to do any repair work.

Masonry contractors are "artists" at what they do when it comes to repointing masonry joints and changing cement blocks if necessary. They also have the expertise to inspect the wall before doing any work.

I suggest that you always ask three Masonry Contractors for quotes. Have them clearly explain the work they intend to do and it is important for them to refer to you recent places whey they have worked so you can go see the jobs in question. This will permit to be at ease to pick the best professional to do the work on your project.

I hope this information helps, and good luck with your project.


Joan Miller

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