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We have a 1903 house that we remove the plaster off the kitchen chimney and we want to seal it. Red Brick What do we use? an how ???????

Thanks Carl

Thank you for your question Carl.

I am very sure that we have an old clay brick to deal with in this matter, being the traditional masonry material in the 1900's.

Remember that when we choose to seal this type of brick, a clay brick is highly absorbent, therefore the brick may slightly darken from it's original color after the sealing process. It will also offer a little shine to it.

I recommend that you visit the website, they have many sealers that prevent moisture or stains from entering brickwork. It needs to be a "breathable" product that enables your brick to remain as natural looking as possible. You may contact them to find out who distributes this product in your area.

After checking in my product manual, the Prosoco Stand Off SLX 100 could be the ideal product for your project.

Hope this information helps, and good luck with your project.


Joan Miller  

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