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Daddyjack wrote at 2012-12-30 20:28:01
That is not really OK. Massage is done from area near the heart to area away from the heart. When you look at the anatomy of the body, origin of muscles are usually from nearer the heart. check nomenclature of muscles. Massage is a soft tissue manipulation where one of the major aims is to promote blood circulation and its benefits. So you start from above (nearer heart or proximal areas) and then move gradually towards the distal areas. This shall enable good blood flow towards the distal ends. But if you start from the distal (usually the insertion) then it will not be good since blood flow to this area has not been open. open the blood flow first. The new role is to start from proximal to distal ends.

Well, massage depends on what you want to archive, the area been massage, your goals, etc. As a professional, this role is beneficial if you want to massage a large surface area. Mostly in relaxation and esthetic benefits. Therapeutic  massage, is a large topic and different methods are  applied depending on the situation at hand.

So, my friend it is time to change your method; use the proximal to distal region role. It helps alot. I have used it and is still using it.



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