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Massage/Feeling sick after massage


Meera wrote at 2010-12-03 20:50:04

After going through your problem, I think my problem is similar to yours.  I had a facials done four days back where the therapist massaged my face, neck and below the neck not the entire body. I had not eaten anything before the facials. I had some important appointment so I thought I will get the facials and the hair coloring done first. By the time the hair gets the color, I can have my food. I had taken coffee before going to the parlor. After I had my bath,

I was bedridden with fever, migraine and severe cold. I felt as if my throat is completely blocked. My voice went bad and I could hardly sit on the bed. I had to cancel my appointment. Till today, that is after four days past my facials still I am feeling very sick and thinking of going to the doctor tomorrow. Thanks for the some remedies given by Rachel Beider, LMT.  

nikkibakshi wrote at 2011-05-31 09:42:01
The key word for me in your question here is "hangover."  Cause you are quite right, a hangover is a depletion of water and glucose in your body following the livers excessive attempts to filter our alcohol. If you have chronic stress and pain, your thyroid, which produces and regulates your hormones becomes depleted of the hormones necessary to manage pain. Furthermore, unconcious stress that can be stored in muscles and tissues releases that 'pain' following a massage of the affected area. These pains are build ups of lactic acid, metals [which cause migraines]' and fluids. A massage, no matter how small, acts like an external liver, pushing toxins to the waste disposal site. I believe you have a lot of metals in you. Since migraines suck, perhaps detox diets and a steam room a few times a week would be a better option for a while.  

Shorty wrote at 2013-11-28 15:18:32
I have been really ill today after a massage yesterday. I did all the suggested things, drink water, eat light get hp slowly but it would be safe to say this is worse than the worst Hannover I have ever had


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