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Laura wrote at 2014-11-26 16:57:51
Chair and table massaged a client with shingles however her affected area was thighs and lower extremedies. What she received was neck, back and shoulders, high stress areas so as to not stress about it. Kind of wondering now about the vaccine for myself. More inquiries on my end...


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I can answer questions about exercise rehab, remedial (therapeutic/deep tissue) and general relaxation massage therapy, sports related massage therapy and any questions about massage in general.


I'm a registered massage therapist and have been for a few years now, I'm also an active athlete and know how to tie health and massage together. I have training in relaxation massage, remedial massage, pre and post event sports massage, problems in the lower legs of athletes, some thai massage, soft tissue manipulation, a small amount of pregnancy massage, exercise rehab and kinesiology, anything about the human body and how it operates, and I even have a small background in myofascial release. Currently I am in the process of becoming a certified personal trainer as well.

MTAS is my association here in Canada

Two years of massage school as well as various seminars and educational lectures and working out in the real world and dealing with situations everyday.

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