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Julie wrote at 2010-06-07 01:34:06
I agree in a sense that I

Unqualified massage use that excuse because they are afraid of it.  They didn't get enough training to be confident I. Working with people who have autoimmune conditions.  Their is nothing a massage therapist can do that you don't already do walking around, working, or just living life.  Hypothyroidism is something that can helped by tapping into the autonomic nervous system and activating the parasympathetic nervous system.  If your wife's condition is autoimmune then most likely stress brought it on in the first place.  Massage is great for relieving stress. All that MT and doctor did was cause more of it.  It was good of him to consider it but massage therapists have liability insurance. We also work with consent forms.  If she consents to the massage then that puts us out of any liability issues.  And she was only asking for Swedish not deep tissue to there would have been no

"too deep" in the first place.  I am sorry she had to go through that, if you lived in IL I would definitely have worked with her.

Actua wrote at 2013-03-02 22:41:19
On the contrary, massage is contraindicated for hyperthyroidism, not hypothyroidism. The theory I believe has something to do with physical stimulation of an already overactive gland that can be quite sore for some.

While I do not have a medical background and thus you should check this info with your gp or even an endocrinologist, you can do a light massage on the thyroid yourself and it has been known to bring some relief of sluggishness and brain fog. You should consult a medical diagram before attempting the following and remember at all times to be gentle as to not damage your throat. Put two fingers along both sides of your trachea where you should feel the upper portion of the gland, and move your fingers in small circles to stimulate excretion of the hormones. Effects should present in a matter of minutes. If you are considering doing this regularly, be sure to ask your gp or an endocrinologist to be sure you are not damaging a very vital part of your physiology.


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