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Massage/massage scar tissue


Have you ever seen clients who have had foot neuroma surgery (or any kind of surgery from the bottom of their foot) who had a thick scar from it?  If so, was the scar very troublesome for them and did massage help?


Yes I have had some clients that have gotten surgery on there feet. The thing is that some times massages can help in others it may not, it depends on how much scar tissue is there. A couple of things I would ask before working on you is 1 How long ago was the surgery,and 2 is it tender to the touch. Than I will massage your feet to see how much scar tissue is there and is it applying pressure in spots that may cause pain.

Scar tissue is one of those things that can be helped by massage, but if the scar tissue is really bad there might not be much we can do to help you.
I hope I have helped you with what you are looking for.  


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