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Massage/regarding masaage after operation


Hello Sir,
I met with an accident 2 weeks before, and in that my right leg femur was fractured, i was operated the very next day, after 5 days i got the discharge, then i hired a  physio for exercise, so he started with massage, and he said he'll start with exercises also, once my stitches will be removed.
so i wanted to know is this the right way for my recovery...
do reply, as i am very cautious about my health..

Hello Javed Khan

I would say that yes massage can some what help, but it all depends on how much your nerves have shifted that just any massage can help. I would not do anything until your wound has healed so the massage will not cause any pain. Exercise is very important to keep the nerves in line and to expel toxins from you body, I would talk to your Doctor before you say yes to anything, he can truly tell you if it is okay to have a massage after it the flesh and bone heal.

Hope that this can help you, I wish you good health and a long life.


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