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Massage/Percussion massager and cellulite


Hi Jeremy,

Could you please instruct me on the proper technique for using a 2 headed percussion massager (Therarub) to assist in cellulite removal?  I am unsure if I should start from the thigh down or foot up towards the closest lympatic "watershed" (I just learned this term), how often and how long each session should be (the massager manual indicates the unit can only be used in 15 minute intervals to prevent damage to it).

If you have any direction on how I should include rebounding (Jumpsport trampoline) into my routine I would appreciate that as well.

Thank you so much!


Jeremy Lanfranco
Jeremy Lanfranco  
Hi Karen,

Thanks for your question!

In professional situations one does not normally use home remedy cellulite machines but instead use equipment like the G5 vibrator or Pinch roller for cellulite massage which can be used continuosly.

All massage (even cellulite) should be directed to the nearest lymphatic centres. In the case of cellulite on the thighs and butt, the nearest lymph ducts are the groin area. (Near the bikini line and the pubic bone. So you direct your movements always towards that area and towards the heart.

Of all the treatments available for cellulite today, massage is the most effective in banishing or reducing the effect of cellulite provided the therapy and lifestyle and maintained.

The technique I use is divided into 3 sections.

1: 5 minutes vibrator and pinch roller
2: vigorous hand rub with normal table salt and oil for 10 minutes each until the area is really red and feels hot to the touch. (Salt is abrasive and the skin feels silky smooth afterwards.
3: Once the skin pores are open due to the heat, I rub in a soothing  cellulite thick cream to the area.

Visible effects can be felt immediately. Before the first treatment I ask the client for her personal mobile phone and take a photo with it to compare the effects after 5 sessions within 10-12 days.

Buy yourself a good cellulite brush (Body shop have great ones) and use it daily.

Most of all continue maintaining the therapy once to twice weekly, increase exercise (any exercise not only trampoline) and change you dietary lifestyle to one that is healthy.

Kind regards

Jeremy Lanfranco

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