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Massage/Is a full body massage safe for someone with a brain tumour?



I'm hoping you can advise me. My sister is in her twenties and has been diagnosed with a high grade brain tumour. For her birthday I purchased a full body massage, but I'm not sure if it's safe? The massage is at a day spa, with the therapists not specially trained or anything. Our doctor has said it's safe as long as my sister doesn't have her head massaged. However I've read online that it's unsafe anywhere on the body (unless the therapist has been specially trained). Please can you advise whether it's safe to get a full body massage in these circumstances? Any help you have will be appreciated. Thank you


As a licensed massage therapist, my first question for your sister would be about her doctor's opinion about her receiving a massage, if she were my client.

I will let you know that I am trained in cancer/oncology massage. There is research that shows that massage therapy does not spread cancer. Has your sister started any types of treatment for the brain tumor? (ex. chemotherapy or radiation or surgery) If she has, I would probably say that I would feel more comfortable with her receiving massage therapy with someone who has been trained in cancer massage for a full body massage. There are massages other than full body should be ok.

My concern mostly lies in dealing with certain things: lymph nodes that have/haven't been removed, site of radiation, etc.

One thing that is often helpful for individuals with cancer is receiving reflexology. I know here in the United States, most day spas offer that service, I'm not sure if they do in the UK. Reflexology is a type of foot massage that also can relieve tension/pain/dysfunction of the body.

I'd love to help your sister out in any way I can. I think it is a wonderful gift that you have given her.

I'm interested in hearing about how she is and will be thinking about you all.




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