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Following the previous post regarding low back pain after a massage. My symptoms are different. I always have severe low back and pelvic girdle muscle spasms that affect my ability to walk, bend and even sit for days after a massage. My pain is definitely muscular and does not involve my spine.  Please help if you can :) thank you!!!

Hi Meranda,

Here are my best long-distance thoughts:

Is the practitioner working only on your back?  If the iliopsoas muscles are not also treated, they are being allowed to pull even harder on your back and pelvis.

The iliopsoas muscle unit attaches to your hip bones (pelvis), spine and thigh bones.  

I once saw a massage instructor (not one of mine) go into low back spasm on the massage table because her student worked only on her back and did not treat the "front of the back" which is accessible through the abdomen.  

The iliacus and psoas muscles counter-balance the muscles on the back.  In the case of much low back pain, they need to be treated.  Some practioners know how to treat these muscles, some don't and some choose not to.

The symptoms of a tight iliopsoas feel like lower back pain and an out-of-balance muscular structure of the pelvis can cause pain such as you describe with movement or sitting.

I hope this helps you eliminate the pain you have following massage.

Thank you for writing,



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