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Massage/Hot Stone and Stress


Dear Mr. Lanfranco,

I was ordered by my doctor to relax and take some time off from work.
He says I'm too stressed and tense.

Since I can't take time off from work I thought that a massage would be a great alternative. In your experience is a hot stone massage best for relaxation and stress relief or is there a better type of massage that I should look into ?




Hi Greg,

Thanks for your question!

The different types of massage available today vary from the traditional Sweedish and aromatherapy massage, through to Esalen for a spiritual form of relaxation down to the more exotic Hot stone or Chocolate massage therapies available.

The client usually chooses which therapy suits him/her best. Although Hot Stone is a favorite to many, its not my cup of tea. When I pay money I would prefer someone kneading my tight muscles instead of leaving hot stones lying on my back with me spending an hour face down.

I'm sure that Hot stone massage is relaxing but as a therapist I also know how taxing on my hands, traditional massage is. Sometimes I believe that hot stone massage was designed by lazy massage therapists to get away for an hour from their clients and leaving a lump of stone on them to relax.

See what you think? You can always try them out both. I prefer Esalen for relaxation personally. Look it up on youtube. If you are near California there is the Esalen Institute. The videos on youtube are mostly filmed there.

Most of all I suggest getting a self mental relaxation exercise where you go for a drive to a quiet place with beautiful scenery and take in the beauty of nature!

Since stress is here to stay, you have to learn to deal with it. Just stop struggling and start dancing with life :)

Kind regards



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