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Massage/lower back pain after massage


I've been getting massages at different places for years so I'm no stranger to it's after effects.  I have never felt any pain the next day  except once when I received one from a man who did a deep-tissue on my shoulders.  After hurting for several days, post, I've never asked for one since. I got a "regular" massage from a girl I never went to before (the other employee left the company) this past Friday.  She did a great job on my shoulders and back. I felt a little discomfort during the shoulder part, but none when she worked on my lower back.  Well, the next day I could barely bend down to get dressed.  I went to the gym and did my normal swimming routine hoping it would work my back out, but to no avail.  I've been applying a heat pad, muscle ointment and Ibuprofen.  It's now Monday and I'm still hurting.  I called the facility today to talk to the girl, but she wasn't there.  How long would you guesstimate this pain will continue?  It's the muscle running horizontal across my lumbar region.  I appreciate any insight you can give me.  Thank you!

Hi there Margie!

Sorry your back is bugging you!  I am at a bit of a loss to explain your back pain without actually assessing you myself, but from what you've described I don't think there is a link between the massage and the low back pain.  

That is unless you had some really deep work down there or she did some stretching / mobilization exercises on your back.  Otherwise I don't see how the massage could have caused this reaction.  Although, it is possible that her work might have loosened things that were so tight and stiff you couldn't even feel normally anymore.  That can happen in cases where the tight muscles loosen up enough to actually get some sensation in them again but that sensation is ouchy.  This is however, a sign of progress (unless you have a back injury of some kind you haven't mentioned).  

Either way, if the pain doesn't fade and subside on it's own within a week, you might consider seeing a chiropractor or physician.

Best wishes!


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