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Dear Mr Lanfranco,

I have recently left school with some good qualifications (i live in England), and it is my dream to be a masseur for women models. Preferably young, pretty, lingerie and swimwear models. I don't want to massage old people.

Is the pay good? What must i do to become one?

Thank you for reading,


P.s. I'd prefer female clients only.

It's fine if you don't know much about English massage courses, i'm open to travelling to malta/europe/asia to study about and do this Job. They have more beautiful women/clients there. Oh, and i like your youtube video too ;)

Dear Ryan,

Thanks for your question.
Courses are held all over the UK.

Unfortunately your scope for learning the profession leaves much to be desired. In this profession we learn that our code of practice is to help others, be they small, big black or white, fat or thin etc. I suggest you start a course first and see what it entails. You'll get over your morbid enthusiasm of models and females quite quickly.

If you are lucky to survive the course and are good at what you do, you'll be lucky to get all the clients you want and would be able to refuse the ones you do not want. You might also be able to get employed as a masseur with a female sports club or modelling agency. Its highly unlikely because most females prefer being worked on by other females like themselves.However if your intentions are beautiful lingerie models and beautiful females, then I do not think that your profession is going to be very long lasting. Its a very sensitive profession where you have to be understanding with clients needs and protect their modesty by only uncovering the parts of their bodies which you are going to work on. This is the way you earn trust from your clients. Otherwise within a short time span you will be sued, or worse slapped into jail for malpractice.

Think about it properly!

I wish you the best of luck in your decisions and a rewarding future in a lovely satisfying profession.

Jeremy Lanfranco


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