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Hi. I'm having a hard time with my lunges. I keep using my back instead of my legs. It drives my teachers crazy. The thing is I'm tall and a little hump. Any tips to help me get it right?

Hi Janice,

First let me say I am not sure what "a little hump" means. If it means you tend to slouch because you are tall to begin with you want to start working on your overall posture right away. The trick is every time you feel yourself slouch, straighten up. Sometimes putting a ruler in the waistband of your pants pointing upwards will give you a tactile cue to straighten your back.

Lunging instead of leaning over takes practice. Practicing tai chi may help. Also begin to try to incorporate lunges during everyday activities such as household chores or standing activities until they become second nature, because poor posture in a career such as massage will limit your ability, cause back pain and shorten your career.

Just keep at it and fix your posture every time you notice yourself slouching or leaning over.

Hope this helps.  


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